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The Gertee Factory: All-Season Huts Built Alaska Tough

The Extreme Climate Housing School (T.E.C.H.S.)

Team Gertee, Ridin' Dirty!

Emergency shelter

is the most pressing concern of our age.

Each year thousands of people lose their homes to natural disasters,
domestic violence, economic collapse, conflicts, and full-scale wars.

The Extreme Climate Housing School (T.E.C.H.S.)
is an international school of architecture and Alaskan fashion.

Our goal is to build a better life for displaced people.

Team Gertee, Ridin' Dirty hosts all-ages workshops, building
demonstrations and free public events for people all over the world.

We are recognized internationally in a number of industries. We...

-- "Transform Trash 2 Treasure" so that we can "Build Homes 4 Life"
-- Develop multimedia learning systems and hands-on workshops
-- Share knowledge about architecture & structural engineering
-- Raise awareness about affordable housing and land management

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The Extreme Climate Housing School - T.E.C.H.S.

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