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Neighborhood Plans

by Niki Raapana, May 4, 2003, updated March 16, 2005 is a downloadable MS Word document from the School of Geography, University of Leeds. This 37 page paper describes details about the Agenda 21 process.

pdf-Univerisity of Washington Urban Planning Degrees includes Dissertations granted for, "From Century 21 to Agenda 21:Sustainable Development in Local Urban communities in East and West Berlin (Germany) and Seattle "(WA). (Would we ever like a copy of this!)

pdf-The Precautionary Principle explains on page 9 the history of the Precationary Principle, the U.S. adoption of Agenda 21, and how it was was used in Seattle.

EPA Green Communities: How Do We Get There? - Case Studies explains the role of Sustainable Seattle in implementing Seattle's Local Agenda 21 plan.

Rethinking Environmental Impact Statements by Tom Angotti, July, 2004, Gotham Gazette. "Overhaul of the environmental review system is long overdue. Even more importantly, city government needs to develop a broad environmental planning framework that looks at long-term multi-generational indicators of environmental quality -- such as Seattle's Agenda 21."

Seattle Neighborhood Planning, Citizen Empowerment or Collective Daydreaming? By Karen Ceraso, posted by Shelterforce Online, Dec-Jan 1999.

Seattle’s Neighborhood Empowerment Fund Involves Thousands of Citizens in Community Improvement Matching Citizens' Initiative with Funds "Most Successful City Strategy" May 29, 2000, Posted by U.S. Mayor's.

Neighborhood Planning in Seattle: Not the Garden Variety Grass Roots Project by Karma Ruder and Susan Dehlendorf, 1997.

How we learned about our Local Agenda 21 Action Plan:

Back in 1999, (before we knew anything), the only ACL "founder" able to read a land management plan was Abby Frankenfield. It was most fortunate for us that Abby had the background and the experience to teach the rest of us what they "normally look like." It was her Masters in Environmental Science, her work experience on the implementation of the Seattle Convention Center Plan, her three month study of the RNP draft and all her unanswered questions that opened the door to our comprehension and final understanding of what the RNP was designed to accomplish. (After differences of opinions about several key issues and quite different ideas of acceptable defensive methods, Abby Frankenfield is no longer associated at all with the the ACL, but she is a founding member of the "alternate" Roosevelt Community Association).

On the surface, Neighborhood Plans look like what they claim to be: a guide to creating the ultimate modern community that preserves the natural beauty, character and resources in the neighborhood, like a lovely guide for future development and growth that embraces sound environmental values.

But on the INSIDE, Neighborhood Plans serve another, more sinister purpose, because: Neighborhood Plans are based in the communitarian theory of creating a new system of law that eliminates core, fundamental rights expected by Americans, rights guaranteed in their original, legally binding contract, like:

1. The First Amendment Right to petition for a redress of grievances.
2. The Fourth Amendment Right to protection from unlawful search and seizure.
3. The Fifth Amendment Right to due process under the law.
4. Washington State Constitution Article One, Section One, PURPOSE OF GOVERNMENT, which is "... to protect and maintain individual rights."
5. and Section Seven, Right to protection from unlawful search and seizure.

Neighborhood Planning (Google has 1,290,000 hits on the topic) is the local implementation of the United Nation's Local Agenda 21 communitarian land management program.

The Progressive Los Angeles Network's 21 Point Agenda: " 7. Institute a Livable City Plan. Environmental policy making at the city level is fragmented between different agencies, without a pro-active and community-based strategy for addressing environmental, transportation, and land use challenges. Other cities, such as Seattle and Santa Monica, have taken the lead in establishing “Sustainable—or Livable—City Plans.” The City should institute a Livable City Plan designed to measure current environmental conditions, get broad community input on the kinds of changes needed to improve quality of life, and then set goals, strategies, and timetables for making this vision a reality."

Neighborhood Plans change the rules for LAW inside the designated planning areas from a constitutional based system into a "community prosecutorial system." Federally trained Community prosecutors "advise" city attorneys who work with central planning, designing programs that will quietly implement communitarian laws, before quietly blending into new city agencies.

We found a copy of what was called the "interdepartmental cross training brochure" by Seattle NATS in Seattle, August 1999. In Woodinville, WA it's called the The Code Enforcement Program.

To understand neighborhood plans, it helps to know who wrote the blueprints:

According to the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS): [begin quote] "By 1996 most local authorities in each country should have undertaken a consultative process with their populations and achieved a consensus on a 'local Agenda 21' for the community -- Agenda 21, Section 28.28.

"The Local Agenda 21 concept was formulated and launched by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) in 1991 as a framework for local governments worldwide to engage in implementing the outcomes of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED).1 ICLEI, along with partner national and international local government associations and organizations (LGOs), championed the Local Agenda 21 concept during the 1991-1992 UNCED preparatory process. These efforts led to the integration of the Local Agenda 21 concept in the main outcome of UNCED, Agenda 21.

"Following UNCED, local governments, national and international LGOs, and international bodies and UN agencies entered a period of experimentation with the implementation of the Local Agenda 21 concept. The lead actors in these efforts were the local governments themselves which worked, often with the support of their national municipal associations, to develop the Local Agenda 21 planning approaches appropriate to their circumstances. However, international programmes played a critical role in documenting and analyzing these growing local experiences, and in facilitating the exchange of Local Agenda 21 approaches and tools (Annex 1). [endquote]

Several U.S. federal government agencies and NGOs were represented and gave presentations at the 1992 Rio Conference, including HUD and Sustainable Seattle. The Rio Conference called on all nations to implement LOCAL councils to further Agenda 21, and in 1993 DLC President Clinton created the President's Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD). In 1994 Congress helped create the Office of Community Oriented Policing (COPS), and by 1997 Clinton had put 100,000 communitarian "change agent" police into every city and "region" in the United States that took the communitarian feds up on their lucrative, "innovative" grant funds.

The FINAL DRAFT of the "GUIDE FOR CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE HABITAT AGENDA" was published in February, 1998. Guide # 4 includes: "Promote political and legislative means that will allow organizations of the civil society to influence national programmes to implement the Habitat Agenda." # 5 is advice to influence, at appropriate levels, institutional and legal frameworks that facilitate.." and on page 6, #5 continues with "collect, analyze and disseminate gender-disaggregated data and information on human settlements issues."

The Roosevelt Neighborhood Plan (RNP) Adoption and Approval Package was signed and adopted into law by Seattle City Council in July, 1999.

The UN Economic and Social Council's 1997 FOLLOWUP TO THE WORLD SUMMIT FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: REVIEW OF RELEVANT UNITED NATIONS PLANS AND PROGRAMMES OF ACTION PERTAINING TO THE SITUATION OF SOCIAL GROUPS, Item #74 on page 15 of 16, discusses the Arab worlds' "Familes in development," and notes the problem of an "increasing emphasis on individual rather than communitarian social values." [boldface mine]

Our local, grassroots participation in our Roosevelt Neighborhood Plan:

Dawson et. al. v. The City of Seattle et. al. is under appeal in 9th District Court (1/17/05).

The RNP was "consensused" by 25 people in Roosevelt neighborhood in December 1998. There was never a legal vote to change the American system of law. The ACL worked with one property owner who was targeted by the plan, and his tenants were aware that something radical was happening in the summer of 1999, but the other 5000 + residents in the Roosevelt neighborhood still, in 2003, have no idea they even have a plan. Very few pople in Seattle have ever heard of neighborhood planning, and the ones that have, they unanimously think it's a "good thing" and leave it at that. (The ACL thinks the communitarians count on this sort of apathy and lack of good business sense.)

In October 2001 we wrote a 2 page Draft Resolution to Amend the Roosevelt Neighborhood Plan. We've submitted it several times to Seattle government officials since then, but NO ONE in Seattle will acknowledge even the receipt of the draft, let alone "redress" it. Councilmember Nick Licata serves on the Seattle Community Neighborhood "Council," but even Licata cannot explain how "community government" works for the citizens... and his silence on the subject is deafening.

And then there's Ms. Tenant's "rights," Councilmember Judy Nicastro, she promised us to "get back to you directly," in June 2000; haven't heard from her yet either. And if you think this sounds frustrating, wait until you are cited by an "officer of the Community Court," or ticketed by one of your neighbors for "noise violations." Don't expect to get your "day in court" to appeal that first time no warning $250.00 fine, don't expect a LEGAL definition for noise, or an avenue to "face your accusors;" ALL community "legal" complainers are promised anonymity, and the RNP only included a "neighborhood ombudsman" to take complaints from citizens about their less fortunate neighbors, (which, btw, is the EXACT opposite of the American Bar Association's DEFINITION of ombudsman). Seattle government freely changes definitions whenever they need a "better" one, especially inside the plans, because the Fabians are encouraged to lie.. lying is an innovative, acceptable format for the balancing of archaic national law, according to the communitarian "gurus" who brought us Local Agenda 21.

After meeting with several Seattle City Councilmembers in the summer of 2000, we learned our elected reprsentatives not only did not READ the 38 plans they voted into law, but they believe it isn't necessary to study new laws before they pass them. In Seattle, the local elected government says our U.S. constitutional laws have already been "balanced" against the "community at large." And after we researched the authority behind the RNP, we realized Seattle officials are politically correct in their negligence to "protect and defend the Constitution." Any Americans who still believe they live free are in for a RUDE awakening the next time they try to exercise their constitutional rights.

The RNP was never identified to anyone in the Roosevelt Neighborhood as a communitarian document. In all likelihood, few participants in writing the plan had any idea of the many treasonous activities associated with the plan. The only people we can be certain who had prior knowledge of the kinds of laws to be inserted into the RNP are the Seattle Community Prosecutors, the Community Police Officers assigned to the Roosevelt Neighborhood, and the Marxist change agents hired by the new communitarian agencies, ie: the Department of Neighborhoods (DON), and the "revised" Department of Design, Construction and Land Use (DCLU). The former Director of the DCLU, Rick Krochelis, served at the same time on the Board of Directors for Sustainable Seattle. Sustainable Seattle was not only a presenter at the 1992 UN Habitat II Conference, but they also provided the "dog and pony show" tools for the local citizen groups in 1998 and 1999 who participated in the "consensus process."

The U.S. Bill of Rights is balanced under Neighborhood Planning against the moral community chosen to help write the plan. The result is communitarian based laws, new innovative laws that eliminate the former American constitutional process for appeals. (For example see:County to poll Naples Park residents about renovation plans, Friday, August 29, 2003, By MIREIDY FERNANDEZ, )

The ACL's "casino" Hierarchy for the RNP:

(incomplete as of 5/4/2003)

Owners: International Plans, Planners, and Enforcers:

* The British Fabian/Labour/ Third Way Party (partner with DLC)
* The Russian/Israeli- Zionist Third Way Party (assoc with DLC)
* Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the dwindling British Empire (partner with DLC)
* Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, Owner, Bank of England (startup funds for DLC)
* The London School of Economics (brainchild of the British Fabian Society)
* Green Cross International, Mikhail Gorbechev's Soviet-American-Marxist propaganda machine. Gorbechev presented the Earth Charter to Queen Beatrix.
* Communitarian Lawyers and International Legal Studies Programs
* The United Nations (UN), and the First Proposed League of Nations
* United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS)
* United Nations Social and Economic Council
* The European Union (EU)
* U.N. Local Agenda 21 Programme, blueprint for nations
* World Bank Development Programme, in charge of interventions
The International Court at the Hague (a lovely Peace Palace, with the stunningly beautiful Queen Beatrix presiding. In the ACL's opinion, if we gotta have a sustainability queen with a great courtroom in her castle to oversee national morals, it at least ought to be this gorgeous to watch. Which is all peons like us will EVER get the chance to do in Queen Beatrix's courtroom of communitarian law, since there aren't any constitutional lawyers in all of America who have a clue how to fight it, or what it IS. We can't wait until the internationals take the U.S. to task for illegally "rescuing" Iraq. Those OJ trials were nothing. We're "thinking" along the lines of Diana's extravagant wedding, with a new twist on the repressed, British sexual undertones.)
* Agency for International Development (AID)
* World Trade Organization (WTO)
* International Monetary Fund, (IMF)

Managers: U.S. National Agencies, Planners and Enforcers:

* The Federal Reserve, truly an area of study the ACL tried to avoid. But the "fed" has played a most significant role in all U.S. financial history, and our more Modern Third Way Programme would not exist if it weren't for the fed, regardless of what British labled "conspiracy theorist" Congressman McFadden testified to in 1933. Lots of amazing things happened to the U.S. at the end of the 19th century that changed our country forever, just like it's happening now. As anxious as we are to know about all kinds of things, like who assasinated President McKinley, (which is how Teddy Roosevelt became President) we won't try to tackle this monster topic until next winter.
* The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), here's the national and international connection between Fabian-communitarian laws and my local Seattle neighborhood. Could they be more obvious about ANY of this?
* The Communitarian Network at George Washington University, Amitai Etzioni.
* Etzioni and eleven identified communitarian advisors to the U.S. President. The communitarians employed by Bush are, according to Mike Allen, Washington Post: Marvin Olasky, Karl Rowe, Don Eberly, Robert Putnam, Amitai Etzioni, Steven Goldsmith, John Diluio, Michael Gerson, Paul Wehner, Laurence Lindsy, William Galston, and Reverand K. Caldwell.
* Carnegie Corporation of New York,
Scholarships for Social Change (with a lovely description of the Marxist -communitarian thinker Michael J Sandel)
* Communitarian Prosecutor's Training and traveling national law workshops.
* President's Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD), U.S. Agenda 21 blueprint
* National Partnership for Reinventing Govenment, Al Gore's "baby"
* The U.S. Department of Education, data-gathering, birth-to-death
* The U.S. Department of Forestry (established in 1905 by eugenicists)
* U.S. Department of Agriculture- (not an area the ACL has studied yet)
* U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), data-gathering
* U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ), Financed the data-gathering
* U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Field Operations based on database
* U.S. Department of Homeland Security, legalized data-based operations
* U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), perfected operations
* Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF), perfected operations
* DoJ's Office of Community Oriented Policing (COPS), nationwide infilitration into local police forces, trained in ALL NEW LAWS.
* Association of U.S. Mayors, embraced the new laws, with "love"
* The Pentagon, creatively expanded operations internationally
* The U.S. Army Northern Command, new domestic "crime fighters"
* The Urban Institute, masters of Fabian propaganda
* Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the perfect example of the new law
* Nature Conservancy, a perfect example of how to get rich off the new law
* Total Information Awareness (TIA), the Freemason's spy network
* President Bush Jr.'s Faith-Based Initiative, halleluiah!
* Freedom USA Corps, fully exportable to new free "democracies"
* D.A.R.E., absolute proof that the programs proven to be failures will be granted more innovative grant funds than anyone else
* Crimestoppers, this sounded great to us until we learned the communitarian definition for "crime" included in the database.
* Project for a New American Century (PNAC), aka: Project for New American Holocaust
* National Institute for Judaic Law, Washington D.C., a "more moral", ancient law
* The American Enterprise Institute (AEI), one of many "think" tanks
* The Rockefeller Foundation, The Ford Foundation, The Annie E. Casey Foundation, The Carnegie Foundation, The Kellog Foundation, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.
* The Schlumbergers, they make Smartcards to hold all our data
* The Institute for Policy Research, Northwestern University, Illinois. These guys came up with the MOST innovative way to gather every detail about us, to gather neccessary personal information about us that's IMPERATIVE to fully implementing the RNP.

Pit Supervisors: Washington State Agencies, Planners, and Enforcers:

* Sound Transit Light Link Rail. (how did I ever forget to include them?)
* Washington State Department of Liscenses and Motor Vehicles- National ID, will provide access to the database via digital facial recognition technology, in use since 2001. (They refuse to discuss it with us, maybe somebody with more clout than we obviously have, could REQUEST this information.)
* Washington State Geographic Information Council- GIS
* Washington State Institutional Review Board- Human Subject's Research Protection people who will only forward Subject's complaints about invasive research pilot projects BACK to DoJ Human Subject's Protection Officers, who NEVER respond to conscripts' complaints OR Public Disclosure Requests.
* Senator Patty Murray- what political affilliation does she claim?
* Governor Gary Locke- too bad Gary doesn't have Wisconsin's MEPA laws, he'd be prepared to implement every one of them.

Dealers: Seattle City and King County Agencies, Planners, and Enforcers:

* The Seattle City Attorney's Office
* The Seattle Community Prosecutor's Office
* Seattle Municipal Court Judges
* COPS' Community Citizen's Police Academy
* The Seattle Mayor's Office of Strategic Planning (now disbanded and merged)
* All nine (and several former) Seattle City Councilmembers
* Sustainable Seattle
* The Department of Design, Construction and Land Use (DCLU)
* The Department of Neighborhoods (DON)
* K.C. Public Health
* Citizen's Service Bureau, Susan Coble was our "complaint investigator," but she told us flat out we lived in the "Sisley Projects" and she would only take our complaints if they were AGAINST Roosevelt property owner/slumlord Hugh Sisley. Since Abby and I were calling to complain about DCLU enforcement actions that were affecting Sisley tenants, Ms. Coble was less than helpful. But she did tell us about a committee she was on... called the R&B.
* King County Ombudsman
* Seattle Privacy Council
* DON's Neighborhood Action Teams (NATS)
* NATS' Rooming & Boarding House Committee (now disbanded)
* Seattle City Council's Information and Technology Committee
* Community Policing Action Council,[PDF application, too late to apply]
* Former SPD Chief Norm Stamper, he brought the "big push" towards COPS in 1994.
* Replacement SPD Chief Gil Kerlikowske, appointed in 2000, he was the former director of grants for the DOJ's D.C. Office of Community Policing in Nov 1999 when Seattle applied to be a pilot test for COMPASS. Gil helped create the COMPASS program, and it wasn't an "issue" for him that Seattle's COMPASS application did NOT fulfill federal requirements for engaging in Human Subject's Research. We don't believe for a second that his "selection" by Seattle to replace Stamper was ANY kind of random process, his position at DoJ as the creator of the database pilot test is just too "tight."
* Seattle Public Utilities (SPU)
* Seattle Fire Department
* Community Mapping, Planning and Analysis for Safety Strategies (COMPASS)
* Northwest Research Associates

Suckers: Useful Idiots, Tested Categories, & COPS' Interventions:

* Tomorrow's Roosevelt Planning Committee (now disbanded)
* The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association
* The University Neighborhood Council
* Mothers For Police Accountabilty, I finally met Harriet Waldman at SPD COPS' Chief Norm Stamper's Retirement Gala, in early 2000. She thought she was buddies with "the chief," but I'm the one he was partying with at closing time. He went nuts trying to remember where he had met me before, as it was an invitation-only event. I assured him I was a "new fan" (and I got copies of our pictures together from a really fun and super nice Seattle cop. Thanks Suzanne!)
* Seattle Tenant's Union, they would never help us, and we learned the hard way about organizations that claim to be "helping" people (like the ACLU and Nicastro); Abby was so dissapointed in John Fox and the ACLU, and in Carla Main too. Abby kept saying they would protect our privacy once they knew about the plan. Instead, I later found records of them participating.
* Roosevelt Neighborhood Ombudsman, this was NOT a legitimate citizen complaint investigator, and the Mayor wrote us that the City had no responsibility to provide it as it was a "neighborhood" responsibility. The new communitarian version of an ombusdman isn't an impartial attorney who provides free legal assistance for complaints AGAINST the government, it is a Local Agenda 21 front agency, it works FOR the CITY and is used to gather "anecdotal" complaint data about targeted property owners and low income renters for inclusion in the new sustainable crime-free development maps.
* The R&B Committee
* Unemployed
* Unemployable
* Unwed mothers
* Mentally Ill
* Mental Health Officers
* Welfare recipients
* HUD housing residents
* Transients
* Slumlords
* Identified alcoholics/drug addicts
* Bums
* Slobs with Harboring Syndrome
* Protestors, Peace activists, anti-globalists (who all have a role)
* Violent offenders
* Parolees and "known" potential criminals
* Juvenile Delinquents
* Runaways
* Homeless
* Prostitutes
* Low-income Renters
* Regulatory Inside Inspections
* Landlord Training
* Revised Noise Ordinance
* Interdepartmental Cross-Training
* Weed & Seed Knock and Talks
* Good Neighbor Agreements
* Nusiance Abatements (property takings under communitarian laws)
* Liscensing Rental properties
* Community "emergency" preparation training


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