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A Revolutionary New American Board Game

designed by Niki Raapana, Nordica Friedrich, and Michele Foran, Dec 2002

(Unfinished product; ACL is always seeking innovative ways to bring more Americans into the globalist's game. This is one project that we will surely continue to work on.)

You've heard of the U.S. government's War on Drugs. You've heard of the U.S. government's War on Crime. And you've most definately heard of the U.S. government's War on Terror. But what have you heard about the global-U.S. government's War on Words? The war is REAL, it's happening right now across the planet, and unless you can understand it and speak it you're just a pawn in the rich boys game for global domination.

War on Words is by far the biggest battle of the 21st Century! Come join in the game behind the game, the one every aware American knows exists but can't quite put a name to. War on Words teaches as it tests your "adept" skills against the global imperialist scammers. This is a board game that turns American pawns into real players. War on Words is the name of the game, and it takes skillful maneuvering to negotiate the new language used in communitarian country. Enter the game of irrational ideology, and see if you can beat them with good old American common sense.

Introduction to the biggest LIE of the 21st Century:

The Hegelian dialectic: A simplified tutorial. (Update by Niki on 11/04/06: this game is how the ACL Hegelian dialectic tutorial originated. We gave a test copy to my dad for X-mas in 2002. He returned it the following Easter. As 2006 nears its end, the Hegel page has been visited by well over 100,000 academics and others from all over the world, and it has never been successfully disputed. The Hegelian dialectic remains the most searched for term leading visitors to the ACL website.)

Instead of an FAQ: In anticipation of your questions

About the game:

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