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Militant Zionism

by Niki Raapana, Updated December 18, 2005

"Originally Zion referred to a stronghold in Jerusalem, but over time it came to mean Jerusalem itself or the land of Israel in general. Returning to Zion has long been a part of Jewish belief. Zionism as a secular political movement developed in the late 19th century and called for the resettlement of the dispersed Jews in a new Jewish state in Palestine." (Jewish branches.)

"Zionism eventually prevailed within the Jewish community. In the United States alone, the Zionist movement headed by Justice William Brandeis grew from 12,000 members in 1914 to 176,000 members by 1919."
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Its History, and Some Philosophical Questions it Raises by Tomis Kapitan.

Why the ACL considers Zionism a topic worth studying:

The ACL considers political Zionism as it relates to the changeover to communitarian programs and laws in the U.S.

Much to the dismay of some Christian Zionists, we consider Israeli political influence on Christianity. We consider Zionist influence on Islam, Great Britian, European Hate Crime laws, the U.S. Congress and the White House, international arms brokering, the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, the War on Afghanistan, the War on Iraq, and the proposed Wars on Iran, Syria, Lebanon and the entire Middle East. We freely admit when we started this work it was way over our American education level. We knew almost nothing about the history of Israel or the Marxist terrorist tactics used by the founders of political Zionism. I knew nothing of the Talmud. While I was raised Lutheran, I barely studied the Old Testament. I always honored the Torah as vaguely part of the foundation for Christianity, but I don't remember hearing about an ancient Hebrew legal and oral history known as Talmudic Law.

Our American educations never prepared us to tackle most of the subjects relating to communitarianism, and our knowledge of Zionism prior to studying our neighborhood plan in 1999 was nil. As beginning students, on this page we primarily study our newly combined U.S. British, Russian, and Israeli military. We're specifically interested in its influence on our local American police force (called C.O.P.S.) and the National ID database (COMPASS). My U.S. Army patriot father raised me to admire Israeli special forces as great heros. It was with a heavy heart that I came to let go of my sharing in that belief. We grieve at almost every level when we see and identify pieces of the dialectic we hold most dearly to our hearts. In spite of the emotional pain involved in identifying all historical propaganda, we remain comitted to opening up the debate regarding militant Zionist influence on American leaders, U.S. foreign policy, and U.S. constitutional law (which is being balanced against the Talmud). We stand against academic censorship of any possible inclusion in all the various anti-communitarian studies' possibilities. Free speech is either free or it isn't free speech.

Why is the Mossad, Israel's central intelligence agency training American local police? Our own CIA is prohibited under U.S. law from acting as a domestic spy agency. The U.S. Congress voted against extending the Patriot Act in Dec 2005, legislation which arguably may have permitted inviting KGB and Mossad agents to train Joe Cops across the USA. "Israel is the Harvard of antiterrorism," said U.S. Capitol Police Chief Terrance W. Gainer. "After returning from Israel, Gainer retrained his officers to shoot a potential suicide bomber in the head rather than aim for the chest, as they were originally taught, because shooting the chest could detonate a suicide vest." Israeli Experts Teach Police On Terrorism: Training Programs Prompt Policy Shifts by SARI HORWITZ / Washington Post 12jun2005. As Horowitz reports, American police are being trained by the Mossad: "Last year, Perry, the Israeli commander of the bomb disposal unit and a former member of the Mossad, Israel's central intelligence agency, briefed more than 425 top federal and local law enforcement officials from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania at a conference at Princeton University. This month, Levy and Perry will be in Chicago."

"My name is Aharon Sherf," he said. "I am the head of the Academy. Welcome to the Mossad. Its full name is Ha Mossad, le Modiyn ve le Tafkidim Mayuhadim [the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations]. Our motto is: 'By way of deception, thou shalt do war.'" (Australian researcher Peter Myers analyzes Victor Ostrovsky and Claire Hoy's book, By Way of Deception St Martin's Press, New York 1990)

Update Jan 18, 2006: Uri Avnery from Gush Shalom, Israeli Peace Bloc writes about the Mossad motto in "With Friends like these...", "(Proverbs 24,6 - that's how it sounds in modern Hebrew, but the actual meaning of the words is in doubt. The English Bible renders it thus: "For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war".)" Avnery also cautions us with, "IN ONE of the stream of speeches in which George W. Bush is now trying to defend his ill-fated invasion of Iraq, this week he let loose a sentence that should light all the red lights. In this sentence he castigated his opponents for asserting that he had attacked Iraq "for the oil and for Israel".// He thus brought to the surface an assertion that had until then been openly voiced only by anti-Semitic marginal groups. They have put together three facts: (a) that the people who most aggressively pushed for the war were the neo-cons who play a major role in the Bush administration, (b) that almost all the important members of this group are Jews, and (c) that the occupation of Iraq has freed Israel from a significant military threat.// Up to now, the American media have treated this allegation with contempt, as a ridiculous "conspiracy theory". Now that the President himself has spoken about it, it may become part of the legitimate public discourse in the United States and throughout the world."

Mier Dagan is the head of the Mossad. Palestine has a biography based on articles published in the Haaretz and The Guardian, including, "Hardline general who led death squad is Israel's peace negotiator", November 27, 2001. Near the bottom it says, "On Israel's assassination policy that has claimed the lives of 77 Palestinians so far, 20 of whom were bystanders, Dagan said that from Israel's standpoint the aim is to thwart attacks on its citizens any way it can. While executing terrorist ringleaders is not a policy, "it is one of the tools a state takes to prevent attacks and to boost deterrence," Dagan said. Source: Jerusalem Post, December 15, 2000." .

Under US law our citizens are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Over here the "burden of proof" is on the state and guilt must be PROVED beyond a reasonable doubt PRIOR to state executions by elite sharpshooter firing squads. (This goes for bulldozing protestors to death too.) Under US law, our local police are not allowed to shoot "potential" criminals in the head. These training programs explain why they do it more often lately. Suicide bombings and terrorism are NOT a regular occurence in the USA, yet police assassinations are becoming a standard operation here. The Mossad is also an INTELLIGENCE GATHERING agency. Mossad agents are SPIES and assassins who have zero regard for American constitutional principles or law. At the same time the Mossad is training our cops to be international Mossad agents, our domestic FBI is investigating the latest Israeli spies (Larry Franklin, AIPAC), this time in the Pentagon. The American FBI has been looking for a top Mossad agent in the White House codenamed "Mega" for several years. Mossad agents have been linked to more than one fake terrorist attack during their short 50 years in existance.

We are absolutely not anti-Semitic and we do not consider our opposition to the goals of militant Zionism to be a racist attitude. We are not happy to learn that our opposition to the military and political objectives of Israel means, according to Israeli leaders, that we no longer love, honor and respect our American Jewish friends. Opposition to merging the United States with ANY foreign political system doesn't mean we oppose average individuals who, like us, have no influence on currrent national policy, what-so-ever. As Americans raised in a small business oriented economy, we want to discuss the money ( We want to see all the evidence and examine all opinions regarding what's happened to the world since Israel became a country in 1948. We think we should be able to discuss, without threats of censure, how much our beloved America has changed as a direct result of the complex ties our leaders have to foreign powers.

We consider Zionism only as a political platform that is outside the best interests of the United States and ALL its free citizens, and we are sure our American Jewish friends would be open to discussing it if they knew more of what the discussion was about. This is the most important political discussion of our time and yet it's the biggest taboo subject in the history of the United States. Who else can't we talk about?

It is a crime under International Law to publish academic or scientific studies that counter the "official" history of the Jewish Holocaust. In Turkey it is a crime to research Armenian genocide. Scholars across Europe have lost their degrees, been fired, and some have been jailed for comitting the "crime" of investigating "crimes against humanity." A prominent University in the Ukraine is under attack for not adhering to legal mandates for international censorship of academic research. Country after country is passing these laws, and they exist in portions of the United States. Can discussion about Israeli objectives and opposition to balancing the U.S. Constitution against the Talmud be designated a "hate crime" in the United States?

Israel IS a foreign country that Americans know entirely too little about as it is. The more the Israeli lobby pressures our legislatures to censure free speech in America... the more what's left of free America will question the power of the Israeli lobby to influence U.S. law. When we buy into this it grows; it promotes well-written scholarship based in the whole idea of us-v-them. I think racism breeds racism, and I refuse to give up my core belief in "red and yellow black and white, they are precious in his sight." Many "defenders" excel at absurd slander based on the "my dog's better than your dog" ideology. It's too circular an "argument" for our anti-communitarian sensibilities. I think it's all just another complex part of the dialectic and I wish I could have avoided it altogether. Today I consider all verifiable research and opinons about Zionism in order to help me determine my own position. It's a very difficult course, and most people will never study it (and our nations' ignorance will add greatly to future misunderstandings and wars). I can assure you it's made much easier and accessible if we begin our studies by reading well-researched articles by Jewish writers. Zionism - more than traditional colonialism and apartheid by Lasse Wilhelmson is but one of many worthy compositions available at

How Militant Zionism blends with the United States under Communitarianism

"Intelligence operations from a secret Israeli base located in northern Iraq claim to have identified a number of Iranian uranium enrichment sites unknown to the IAEA." Israel may attack Iran sooner rather than later by Jim Kouri, Renew America, December 12, 2005.

"WASHINGTON - After years of criticizing Israel's human rights record, America now finds itself tapping the Jewish state's experience in balancing the need to protect individual freedoms and the need to fight terrorism. And Jerusalem seems happy to help, as the issues of torture and the general treatment of detainees are garnering national attention in the United States." Americans Look to Israel as Role Model in Fight Against Terrorism By Ori Nir The Forward, November 11, 2005.


Communitarian ties to the state of Israel are the basis for many of the more radical changes to the formerly republican American system. Although it's the most taboo (and potentially dangerous) research topic in the world, we include Militant Zionism in our research because the founder of the American globalist Communitarian Network is a Militant Zionist posing as a peaceful, spiritual adviser to our U.S. Presidents. The communitarians are shoring up the American social, moral and political environment.

The U.S. military is merging both our domestic police and our Armed Forces in Iraq with Israel (and it's not too far a stretch to identify our country as the United States of Israel). Israelis (and the Russian KGB) train, advise, and now lead American troops (and COPS' Troopsmore). We at the ACL are convinced American research concerning the Kabbalah and Zionist principles comes under the Americans' full and public disclosure rules.

"The President's fifth principle, however, has drawn criticism from some circles. The President declared that "we're determined to deny the militants future recruits by replacing hatred and resentment with democracy and hope across the broader Middle East." Some deride this "freedom agenda" as idealistic and na ve. Some argue that although well-intentioned, the short-term costs exceed any potential long-term benefits from democratization in the Middle East. The President respectfully disagrees. He believes the freedom agenda is critical for both the United States and Israel. So, this afternoon I would like to discuss why the effort to spread freedom throughout the Muslim world will leave both the United States, and Israel, safer and more secure." Remarks by Stephen Hadley to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee National Summit 2005 White House Press Release, October 31, 2005

See also ACL: Communitarian Law, ACL: Talmudic Law and ACL: Dr. Amitai Etzioni

Dr. Amitai Etzioni is the most influential Israeli in the world. At 18 years old he became a member of the underground Palmach strike force called the Haganah. Raised and trained as a revolutionary Israeli Zionist, today Etzioni is the founder of American communitarianism. Now he's a peaceful supporter of disarming Americans, and a senior adviser in the Bush White House advising a Presidency waging war on Israel's Arab enemies in the Middle East. (Prior to 1948 many of the Arab nations were American's best friends in the whole world.)

Amitai Etzioni is a kibbutz raised, Fabian-Marxist revolutionary soldier who helped the Russians, British, and Americans create the state of Israel in the former British Mandate of Palestine. After the revolution and Arab wars he became a student of the Kabbalah and the dialectic under the religious philosopher, Martin Buber. Buber taught seminars on social philosophy and education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Buber was a religious follower of Hasidism. "Hasidism and Kabbalah are mystical approaches to the Jewish faith. Like monasticism in Christianity and Sufism in Islam, Jewish mysticism emphasizes inward, spiritual experiences over intellectual and rational knowledge."

etzioni The literal translation of Etzioni's assumed name (he was born Werner Falk) is "Tree of Life from Zion." The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol used by mystics, seers, ritualists, spititualists, witches, pagans, secret societies, and freemasons. "Kabbalah is theology in the fullest sense - including ontology, cosmogony and cosmology," explains Rabbi Leiberman.

The Kabbalah (non-initiates should explore link on left that goes to a gifted Turkish author's website) was an oral set of sorcery and laws that originated in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. It was passed down for thousands of years via initiates. Over many centuries it was infiltrated into the Jewish-Torah-Biblical religions. The Knights Templars carried it to Scotland in the 14th century where it manifested in the Scottish Rite. As incredible as it appears to the uneducated, this is the part of the "conspiracy theory" that's all verifiable and true. Militant Zionism isn't an alien theory, and neither is Etzioni or Israel's "supra-national world order." The hardest fact for Americans to grasp is the quest for empire never ceased. Empires and monarchies still exist, and the roots of global conquest and subjegation go back way before Alexander the Great. Etzioni didn't invent communitarianism or the "new science" of socio-economics, he was groomed and trained to introduce his theories to the modern world as the ultimate Third Way solution to mankind's dialectical problems.

TIME LINE OF THE ISRAELI AGGRESSION AGAINST THE PALESTINIANS IN THE 1948 WAR. at gives a brief chronology of various terrorist acts of Haganah terror units.6th Brigade - Etzioni at "Organized by David Ben-Gurion in February 1948, the Etzioni Brigade was responsible for conducting operations in the Jerusalem area during Israel's War of Independence. While fighting in Jerusalem, the Etzioni Brigade faced troops from the Iraqi Arab Liberation Army and succeed in driving them out of the city. During May 1948, the Etzioni Brigade engaged in repeated battles with Arab forces, continually taking and retaking parts of Jerusalem." (In the 1967 Israeli Six Day War the commander of the Jerusalem "Etzioni Brigade" was Colonel Eliezer Amitai.)

In the late 1960's Etzioni penned several works on changing society: Etzioni, A. (1967), Toward a Theory of Societal Guidance. American Journal of Sociology 73(2), 173-187; Etzioni, A. (1968a), The Active Society. A Theory of Societal and Political Processes. Collier-Macmillan, London; Etzioni, A. (1968b), Toward a Theory of Guided Societal Change. Social Casework 49 (6), 335-338; Etzioni, A. (1975), On Changing Societies. Current Sociology 23(1), 39-47.

"Protect communities' jurisdiction. Among the new measures we should support is a federal law that no community will be denied its right to enclose itself, through such measures as check points and gates at the entrances to communities. Because communities are the sociological basis for our moral fabric and because they occur in public spaces rather than in private homes and cars, we must ensure that these are safe and not taken over by any one group." The American Enterprise by Amitai Etzioni (and Ed Crane of the Cato Institute).

Etzioni's Palmach-Fabian-socialist's advice to the White House helped create numerous rebuilding community projects, including Volunteer America Corps and Character Education. U.S. taxpayers have paid $134,791,507,200 since 1949 ($23,240 each) to support Israel. Considering the powerful connections and the influence of the communitarian Zionists on U.S. policy and programs, we wonder how much American volunteer taxpayers need to know about the character, the history, the politics, and the modern methods of Israeli political Zionism.

JEWISH ETHNOCENTRISM, RACISM, AND RESISTANCE TO ASSIMILATION at (a very long list of quotes and excerpts)

The Final War for Jerusalem at Jews and Hasidic Gentiles—United to Save America. "Judaism has always been a conquering religion, not for the purpose of converting gentiles to become Jews, but rather with the mission of returning the world to the universal covenant between G-d and Noah. For halachic reasons too numerous and detailed to list here, gentiles today who follow Christianity, Islam, or other religions are not, for the most part, "righteous gentiles" who inherit the World to Come. That status belongs only to those gentiles who carefully observe the Seven Laws of Noah, including following the halachic authority of the oral Torah and the rabbis."

Are Jews Smarter? By Jennifer Senior, New York Magazine, October 24, 2005. "Did Jewish intelligence evolve in tandem with Jewish diseases as a result of discrimination in the ghettos of medieval Europe? That's the premise of a controversial new study that has some preening and others plotzing. What genetic science can tell us-and what it can't."

United Israel Appeal, Inc. 2004 US Resettlement Grant-50 million pdf at

Recent News:

Charge: Israel Has Not Approached AIPAC on Pollard 17:45 Nov 23, '05 / 21 Cheshvan 5766 By Hillel Fendel, "Yitzchak Oren, the man responsible for the Pollard file on behalf of Israel's Washington Embassy in the late 1990s, says the key to Pollard's release lies with AIPAC - and that it's not too late."

"Officially, Centcom (U.S. Central Command) is barred from talking directly to Israel - it is supposed to do so only through Eucom (European Command?) or Washington. The prohibition is usually maintained, but life-and-death issues override it. Centcom despaired of the bureaucracy, while soldiers are being killed every day, and three officers who are serving in Iraq came to Israel to learn from the IDF how to combat IEDs. There are also Israeli combatants in Iraq who were released from the IDF to enlist in the U.S. Army."

"To prove the Americans are learning from the best and most experienced sources, Conway noted that the British had encountered the problem of explosive devices in Northern Ireland and the Israelis have coped with suicide bombers in Israel and Lebanon. "We've tried to study what their experiences were and learn from that." Dutton, the British general, added another piece of information which explains why it is vital to draw on the knowledge the IDF gleaned coping with Hezbollah devices: the materials and the technology used in making IEDs are entering Iraq from the same source - Iran."

"A soldier who is not present is not hurt, and the original sin of the U.S. Army in Iraq, in its mission to protect the emerging regime in Baghdad, is its failure to develop "control without presence" - a swift action, sparing in manpower and focused, that achieves results without banking on large-scale presence that eventually becomes bankruptcy. The IDF learned how to do this, on an impressive albeit not absolute scale, in its activity against Palestinian terrorism in the West Bank. This is a decentralized combat doctrine, on which the copyright belongs, in part, to the former commander of the Israel Navy, Rear Admiral (res.) Yedidya Yaari, now the president of Rafael." America's S.O.S to the IDF By Amir Oren,, Last update - 15:41 12/11/2005

Recent update via Peter Myer's elist: (1) JUDITH MILLER is unnamed woman in AIPAC spy ring...

Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 12:51:07 -0700 (PDT) From: James Morris,

JUDITH MILLER is unnamed woman in AIPAC spy ring...

More Notes by Barry O'Connell

Judith Miller is Unnamed Woman in AIPAC Spy Ring Indictment

Page 24 Paragraph numbered 7of the AIPAC Spy Ring Indictment (see below)

This is in reference to a meeting between FRANKLIN (Larry Franklin) and FO-3 (Naor Gilon) at the Pentagon Officers Athletic Club. The woman referenced is Judith Miller. Miller is a reporter for the New York Times who is as I write held in a Federal Facility in contempt of court. She wrote many now discredited stories on WMDs for the Times. The Charitable work was The Iraqi Jewish Archive which Judith Miller and Harold Rhode cooperated on with Ahmad Chalabi.

I have reason to believe that the conversation between Larry Franklin and Naor Gilon about Judith Miller included a reference to Valerie Plame. This case becomes a time bomb if it is revealed that Mossad had a part in the outing of CIA agent Plame.

1001 Lies About Gilad Atzmon.

Tiny electric robot planes skylark in Iraq by Julian Bajkowski, 03/11/2005 in Computerworld - The Voice of IT Management. "Dubbed "Skylark" by its Israeli manufacturer Elbit Systems, the aircraft are small enough to fit into a backpack and can be shoulder-launched by a soldier."

No one knows full cost of Israel's settlement ambitions USA Today, 8/14/2005, JERUSALEM (AP)

AIPAC Spy Nest Exposed, New indictments implicate unnamed government officials and reporters by Justin Raimondo, August 5, 2005 at

Violence erupts over Israel's Gaza pullout Aug 5 2005 at icWales. Barry Chamish, reporting from Israel has a slightly different take on this terrorist attack.

Partnership to Improve Water Security in U.S. and Israel Contact: Suzanne Ackerman, 202-564-4355 /

FBI seeks to probe senior Israeli diplomat in Pentagon spy case By Aluf Benn, Haaretz Correspondent, July 31, 2005.

Times: Israeli Agents Are in Iraq...Maybe By MARC PERELMAN, July 22, 2005, The Forward. by Show Host: Hesham Tillawi, PhD.

No GW presents claims to prove the Israeli Mossad is Al Qaeda. (They also link to many sources the ACL does not trust, including the ACLU and certain members of the American "alternative press.".)

Education and Sharing Day White House Press Release April 2005. " Education and Sharing Day honors the memory of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who established education and outreach centers that offer social services and humanitarian aid around the world." See also Sanhedrin Launched In Tiberias 12:19 Jan 20, '05 / 10 Shevat 5765

BEHIND THE HEADLINES-Israel-U.S. dispute on arms sale to China threatens to snowball By Ron Kampeas, June 8, 2005, WASHINGTON(JTA)

Israel May Use New Sound Weapon on Settlers: 'The Scream' Uses Specific Audio Frequency to Disable Protesters by AMY TEIBEL, AP. Source: AOL News, Friday, June 10, 2005.

Pollard Sues Israeli Government Wires, Monday, May 9, 2005.

Zionism & Judaism... Comparing Apples To Rocks By Judy Andreas, 5-10-5, posted at

Save Israel Campaign.

Setting the Record Straight: Zionism from the Standpoint of its Jewish Critics by Stanley Aronowitz.

JUST CONFIRMED TO SPEAK AT POLICY CONFERENCE 2005: Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon AIPAC Registration page for May 22-24 Policy Conference. Guest list includes: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon; Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice; Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN); Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-NV); Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-IL); House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA); Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY); Rep. Jane Harman, Ranking Member, House Select Intelligence Committee (D-CA); Israel, Minister of Justice Tzipi Livni; Israel, Minister of Interior Ofir Pines-Paz; Israel, Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Natan Sharansky; Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean +; Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman +; + These speakers will address Club events.

Galloway hounded by AIPAC cell within U.S. Congress; Bolton tied to same cell By Wayne Madsen, May 13, 2005, Online Journal Contributing Writer. "There is ample evidence of a major foreign intelligence penetration of the United States State and Defense Departments, as well as U.S. intelligence agencies, involving Franklin, AIPAC officials, Mossad agents, and leading individuals in the neoconservative network operating from inside the White House, the Pentagon, the State Department, the U.S. Congress, and think tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute, Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, the Heritage Foundation, and the Hudson Institute. Bolton is a central figure in this cabal."

NUCLEAR: ISRAEL MAY HAVE 400 ATOMIC WEAPONS, SAYS PENTAGON WHISTLE BLOWER New York, 13 May (AKI) - "A former Pentagon official and whistle-blower, Daniel Ellsberg, said this week that Israel could have close to 400 nuclear weapons. “That’s more than Britain, China, India and Pakistan, and probably more than France,” said Ellsberg speaking at a news conference in New York on Thuirsday. Ellsberg, whose disclosure of secret Pentagon documents about the Vietnam war helped established anti-war sentiment in the United States in the early 1970s, was scheduled address a Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty conference, at the UN's New York headquarters.."

AIPAC spurring Congress to pass sanctions bill against Iran By Haaretz Service and News Agencies: "In the run-up to its annual meeting in Washington later this month, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is urging Congress to pass legislation authorizing new sanctions against Iran."

Iran Poses Dangerous Threat, Peres Tells ADL. ADL Press Release May 9, 2005. "Jerusalem, May 9, 2005."Iran poses a grave security threat to Israel and the greater Middle East, Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres told members of an Anti-Defamation League (ADL) leadership mission visiting Jerusalem."

"Iran is the most dangerous country around, because the mullahs believe their religion is superior, not unlike Hitler believing the Aryan race superior," Mr. Peres told the ADL leaders. "Iran's nuclear capability is in the hands of the Muslim fundamentalists and terrorists who are opposed to modernity." Galloway win causes alarm By YAAKOV LAPPIN, JERUSALEM POST CORRESPONDENT, May 8, 2005.

What I did on Holocaust Day By B. Michael, May 6, 2005. (in Hebrew).

The coming Pax Americana By Efraim Halevy, Haaretz Daily News, april 24, 2005.

Is AIPAC weaker without key analyst? by matthew e. berger & ron kampeas, jta, Friday April 29, 2005.

BEHIND THE HEADLINES-AIPAC: Staffers fired because of revelations from FBI probe By Ron Kampeas and Matthew E. Berger: "WASHINGTON April 20 (JTA) - The American Israel Public Affairs Committee has fired two top employees because of revelations arising from an FBI investigation into their alleged mishandling of classified information, JTA has learned."

The Armageddon Man By Tom Barry, Foreign Policy in Focus, April 12, 2005. "A comprehensive look at John Bolton's career reveals a man who champions extremism in the service of expediency."

Sleepwalking to disaster in Iran By Scott Ritter, Tuesday 05 April 2005 at

Anti-Bushie Nation editor David Corn asked Is the Potential AIPAC/Neocon Scandal About to "Blow Up"? on March 3, 3005. He was writing about last summer's breaking scandal when it was reported that the FBI Probes Pentagon Spy Case on CBS Evening News, Aug. 27, 2004. The story was picked up by news media everywhere, it was big news for about a minute. FBI Spy Case Targets Pentagon was Aired: Monday, September 13, 2004 8-9PM ET on Boston's NPR. The left posed the interesting twist on the story in September 2004 when Common Dreams published AIPAC Spy Case Involves Intelligence on Iranian WMD by Juan Cole. The Jewish site for Jonathan Pollard wrote a defense article called The Franklin/AIPAC Spy Case Page on October 4, 2004. The Opinion Gazette ran several stories about it in September. The Middle East News gave us an Israeli AIPAC Spy Scandal - Update on October 7, 2004. Since then, no real news. Kind of amazing for something so huge.

Introduction to Zionist politics

Atlas Shrugs was a nominee in the 2005 Israeli American Blog Awards. This superwoman's post uses AIPAC's Strategic Alliance with the U.S. to explain why the innocent convicted spy Jonathan Pollard should be released.

Self Hating Jews Work to Destroy Israel and Jews! at

Classic Quotes on Zionism at

Confidential British Foreign Office Political Correspondence Palestine and Transjordan, 1940-1946 Copyright © 1995 by University Publications of America posted at "In September 1940, Chaim Weizmann appealed to the British government for the creation of a Jewish army under the overall command and structure of the British Army but possessing its own flag and staffed on a junior level by Jewish officers. (This type of Jewish army is indexed as Jewish units under the heading of Armed forces, British.) Equipment shortages and British concern for the political repercussions that would surely result delayed its formation until 1944 when a modified and reduced version was formed: the Jewish Brigade Group. These renewed efforts toward a modified version of Weizmann's original plan have been indexed under Armed forces, Jewish Brigade Group. Formed later in the war, the Jewish Brigade Group comprised Jewish elements of the "Buffs," additional recruitment from Palestine, and Jewish volunteers from the British armed forces at large. The Jewish Brigade Group was finally able to secure the use of a separate flag. However, the official recognition of the flag stopped just short of sovereignty; it was only recognized by the British government if it was flown by the Jewish Brigade Group. In 1946, when the illegal immigrant ship Enzo Serini was boarded and captured by the British, they reported that it flew a flag of unknown origin; in fact, it flew the flag of the Jewish Brigade Group. The struggle to form this unit, along with its makeup, combat record, and postwar illegal activities in Europe are all covered at length in this microfilm collection."

Arabs, Jews and the Founding of Israel, to 1950 by Frank E. smitha.

1948-49 War of Independence Scenarios Crossfire Scenarios at

Israel, Mossad, Iran and a Nuclear False Flag Attack by R. Leland Lehrman, 505.982.3609 -, Updated: July 28, 2005.

The image of the jew in the rhetoric of political islam in Turkey by Rifat N. BALI.

IslamiCity has a post that lists a "few examples of the Israeli spy operations that have been detected in the USA. (This looks like a fairly accurate list based on all the evidence we've looked at in the past five years.)

The Final War for Jerusalem 1998 by the Committee for Israeli Victory

Globes Online-Israel's Business Arena is a nice introduction to Israel's technology industry.

We think Americans might also want to know why their Constitution is being balanced against the Talmud, or why Michael Chertoff was appointed to replace Tom Ridge as the Director of Homeland Security. Chertoff is reported by American anti-Zionist magazines to have been the U.S. official who let the Iraeli "art student spy ring" leave the country without being prosecuted or investigated.

This looks like a good book for studying the ancient Rise and Fall of Jewish Nationalism by Doron Mendels, a "professor of ancient history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His other books include The Land of Israel as a Political Concept in Hasmonean Literature and Jewish Identity in the Hellenistic Period."

Jewish Israeli writer-researcher Barry Chamish offers a penetrating look at the politics of American Sabbateanism.

Israel Shamir is an Israeli writer reporting on the second Palestinian Infitada. His site is devoted to "Working toward Peace through Education and Information," and he champions the "One man, one vote, one state" solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Shamir links to many other good sources for alternative news about the Middle East.

A Comparative Analysis of the Structures and Functions of Intelligence Community in Israel and India. Columnist EJAZ AKRAM gives a detailed analysis of the intelligence capacities of India and Israel at in September 1999. Good historical overview of Israeli intelligence services.

Zion In America, The Jewish Experience from Colonial Times to the Present an online book by Henry L. Feingold.

Culture Wars presents Rabbi Dresner's Dilemma: Torah v. Ethos by E. Michael Jones. This is the best article Peter Myers has sent. It explains the roots of militant Zionism, and the crucial difference between Torah Jews and revolutionary Jews. (Especially recommended for visitors who want to accuse us of anti-Semitism.)

Review: Militant Zionism In America: The Rise and Impact of the Jabotinsky Movement in the United States, By Michael Skakun on Jewish

Israels Role: The 'Elephant' They're Talking About by Ami Eden, Forward February 28, 2003.

What is anti-Zionism?

The New Anti-Semitism, Etzioni's blog posts a review of "Phyllis Chesler, best known for her feminist classic Women and Madness, has recently released a book entitled The New Anti-Semitism: The Current Crisis and What We Must Do About It. In her book, Chesler argues that unlike “old anti-Semitism,” the new brand is borne out of an irrational connection between the Israeli government and Jews worldwide. Similarly, she argues that the new anti-Semitism is troubling because it disguises itself in the words of the left–particularly antiracism and anticolonialism."

The satanic shiek and the enablers of evil by Ilana Mercer at World Net Daily on March 26, 2004. Mercer is the most flagrant American "libertarian" pundit for Zionist principles. Her style follows in the footsteps of Marx and Engels when they wrote about the proponents of national political economy.

ADL Director Abraham Foxman is reported by the JTA to claim on November 11, 2003 that anti-Semitism is today hidden "under the guise of Anti-Zionism."

Sharon Says Anti-Semitism Drives Israel's Critics Thu November 13, 2003, JERUSALEM (Reuters) -"Sharon's remarks followed a recent European Union poll that found that a majority of EU citizens see Israel as the greatest threat to world peace. The survey caused an uproar in Israel."

Codoh provided us with a link to the Encylopaedia of Zionism produced by Cairo Al-Ahram Weekly,4 -10 February 1999,Issue No. 415. The entry in the "Encylopaedia of Zionism and Israel" (ed. Patai), for Anti-Zionism includes the following excerpts:

Anti-Zionism is both an inner Jewish phenomenon and a non-Jewish trend directed against the Zionist idea in its various manifestations or against Zionism as a political movement, or both. In general it can be stated that anti-Zionism in the Jewish camp was directed primarily against the Zionist idea, whereas non-Jewish anti-Zionism was aimed mainly at the political movement and its achievements.

The anti-Zionism of Orthodox and Reform Jews rejected any definition of Jewry in nonreligious terms. The Orthodox anti-Zionists criticized Zionism for adopting secular policies in order to establish a Jewish Homeland in Palestine instead of relying on Divine Providence. The Reform movement considered Zionism an obstacle to the universal mission of Judaism.

Other anti-Zionist trends within Judaism were opposed either to the concept of a Jewish nation [or people], which would separate the Jews from the social and cultural milieus in which they live and unite them all over the world, or to political aspirations that would free (sic) Jews from their minority status and establish a Jewish State.

The emancipatory movement, which feared that Zionism might prejudice the civil rights recently acquired by the Jews, opposed it as did the universalists, who denounced all forms of so-called religious, national, or racial segregation. Many anti-Zionists considered Zionism a mere Jewish counterpart of anti-Semitism that was bound to wither away as mankind continued its progress. Some Jewish anti-Zionists trends accepted nationalism but rejected the idea of Jewish territorial concentration, while others objected to the idea of concentration in Palestine.

(...)Common to many versions of anti-Zionism (the religious Orthodox excluded) was the rejection of the Zionist interpretation of Jewish history as a national history centred in Palestine, either in actuality or at least in the dreams and aspirations of the Jewish people.

The social gamut of opposition to Zionism was as wide as the intellectual one. In the beginning, all major Jewish organizations either opposed it or, at best, took a non-Zionist position. The Jewish communities and the Jewish press sympathized with Zionism only to a very limited extent. Individual Jews in high positions in politics and finance were reserved and often hostile to Zionism. Jewish labor was influenced by general socialism and communism. Intellectuals and the youth were attracted by universal culture and only rarely found universal values in Zionism.[end quote]

What is Anti-semitism?

Anti-Semitism during the 19th Century : At the crossroad among Criminal Justice : Criminology, History and political science By Thomas Gilly, ERCES. Gilly labels anti-semitism: "Obviously anti-Semitism is a politically and socially sensitive issue. It is sensitive because it involves major social problems that the French society is likely to ignore rather than to face. In the actual French public debate the social problem that is involved is labelled “communitarism”. The notion is foreign to the Anglo-American culture; simply it does not exist. The reason is that the French word “communitarism” (note that it is a neologism) provides communitarian social life and social order with a negative connotation. Thus the notion, by negatively labelling the problem to which it refers, crystallizes the issue. The clash of a model of society that is largely the tributary of the Jacobinian tradition; a society that traditionally highlights the primacy of an abstract and normative conception of universals that involves assimilation (that is applied to each individual regardless to his/her religious or ethnical community membership), the postulated equality of each individual and finally a vertical structure of social order upon a more concrete, but also a more particularistic conception of universals which involves emancipation (applied to members of various ethical and / or religious communities, liberty rather than equality and a horizontal structure of social order. A society that is confronted with the emergence cultural essentialism and inter-ethnical conflict and violence, but that, through lack of the communitarian tradition, has nothing to offer other than the pure image of a tradition that no longer reflects reality. Through lack of a constructive and appropriated means (communitarian tradition to contain cultural essentialism and to dissolve it into communitarian social life and order develops “communitarism” – the inconsequent and finally the bad version of the communitarian tradition. The most important and highly deplorable consequence is that, in public opinion; cultural essentialism and inter-ethnical violence are automatically associated to community and constructed as a derivation. In sum the real cause (clash) is turned off and turned against community and community life."

"Explaining his political outlook, Dieudonné said that his fight against racism led him to oppose "exacerbated communitarism" which sets one religious community against another." (Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala is a French commedian accused of anti-semitism.)

Children of a Lesser God by Israel Shamir: "In Berlin, the high and mighty including U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, German President Johannes Rau and Israel's president, Moshe Katsav gathered for a Conference of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) dedicated to the struggle against anti-Semitism. They proclaimed that “the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is serving as a cover for worldwide anti-Semitic sentiment” as Ha'aretz reported today. I was not invited to this gathering, but if I were, I would present them with the following talk."

Yes, Jews do engage in anti-Semitic behavior , By Edward I. Koch, "Of all the anti-Semitic slurs, one of the most outrageous is that Jews secretly control the world."

Henry Makow's new piece on anti-Semitism, August 15, 2003

The Socialist Roots of Modern Anti-Semitism, by Tyler Cowen.

Conference Tackles Anti-Semitism

United States Mission to the OSCE Statement on Anti-Semitism, June 19, 2003.

Is anti-Zionism a Hate Crime?

The Peace Encyclopedia: Socialism has an interesting viewpoint.

New Bill in Congress Targets Teachers Who Dare to Question US Support for Israel By Michael Collins Piper at Full text of H.R. 3077 posted by After passing the House in an unrecorded vote, this bill was referred to the Senate Committee on October 21, 2003.

Anti-Semitism News, All the Current Anti-Semitism News. This is where we found: Israel debates line between criticism, anti-Semitism, By KARIN LAUB, Associated Press,(Published Sunday, November, 16, 2003 9:56AM) JERUSALEM (AP) - "Where does legitimate criticism of Israeli government policy end and anti-Semitism begin? There's always been sharp disagreement in Israel over where to draw the line, but the debate assumed greater urgency in recent weeks."

U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft told the ADL, "This administration believes that acts of anti-Semitism must be confronted, condemned, and denounced. After touring Auschwitz, President Bush stated unequivocally, quote: "When we find anti-Semitism, whether it be in Europe or anywhere else, mankind must come together to fight such dark impulses." As history shows, verbal attacks on the Jewish people are portends of more savage criminality to come."

New Zealand Herald covers up reasons for sacking anti-Zionist cartoonist, By John Braddock, 20 January 2004, posted by World Socialist Web Site. Here's Malcom Evans website and some of his political cartoons:

Canadian Jewish Congress files a complaint against a Ukraianian web-host under the Human Rights Act.

Bnai Brith calls anti-Zionism a form of anti-Semitism.

Quotes From Democrats On Race & Anti-Semitism, by John Hawkins, Right Wing News.

The 34th Zionist Conference calls for coordinating the fight against anti-Zionism. claims one of the 2002 Resolutions was to ciminalize anti-Zionism.

Americans discuss US support for Israel

NEW! -- December 18, 2005 Six Simple Words by Mark Glen. {We got the link to this compelling, disturbing and challenging article from fellow American researcher Bobby Garner. Glenn addresses my deepest confusions about the whole Jewish-Zionism conflict, the murderous Israeli agenda in the Middle East, and he prepares a very emotional and convincing case for why anti-Semitism can be directly linked to anti-Zionism by supporters of the Israeli government. At the ACL we absolutely refuse to accuse individuals of any one religion or race or culture as the only reason for the world's troubles. We too see the link between the Zionists, the WH, the Vatican and the American Christian Right, but we also see the role Islam plays in furthering the dialectical arguments. There are those members of the "other" religions who have their well presented arguments against Islam too. The problem for us is the blanket accusations of complicity against the Jewish people and the Jewish faith disregard the fact that the "science" of Eugenics is not only practiced by the Jews. Racial discrimination isn't limited to the Talmud's teachings. Many whites are completely convinced theirs is the superior race. It's worth noting that David Duke is also a finely-tuned researcher of Jewish "supremecy." ~ed.}

What sort of Truth is it that crushes the freedom to seek the truth? Bulletin Board

Jewish Persecution, by Jackie Patru, May 16, 2002. Jackie reintroduces the most controversial, taboo, and therefore important aspect of Zionism that must be considered. This is a must read for anyone who's never heard of or (gasp) read The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The English translation is banned in some countries. Jackie's introduction to the reality of world domination is for readers who can allow themselves to consider current events compared to a hundred year old "forgery" that exactly predicted our present day situation. We're not convinced anyone has proved or disproved Jews penned this document. Our "theory" is more along the lines that the Protocols were published as powerful disinformation. Did Henry Ford ever consider how he may have been set up to support the Nazis? What refuses to go away in the whole convoluted mess in my brain that surrounds my incomprehension of the impact of the Protocols on furthering the dialectic, is how closely it predicts the use of community policing services, which happens to be one of our first clues that led us to identifying our Local agenda 21 Plan in Seattle, WA in 1999. We were a pilot test of "new enforcement" ideas laid out in a censored and banned document written before the 19th century. Whoever did write the protocols knew exactly what to do to create a global-to-community government and were able to implement it, that's for sure.

Stuck in the Middle East With You, by Liz Spikol, Philadelphia Weekly, April 3, 2002. Spikol is an American Jewish journalist who supports Palestinian human rights: "For those of us who have been too afraid to question events--not wanting to be disloyal and ever afraid that such doubts would consign Israel to a bleak fate--we must ask ourselves now what purpose our silence has served. Has our passivity played a role in securing a place for Ariel Sharon, who every day gets closer to the kind of military despotism Jews have feared for years? On the other hand, if we are willing to speak, what can we say about a man, a government, that is utterly without humanity?

"Don't get me wrong: I am equally--and to be honest, sometimes more--devastated by the injuries on the Israeli side. I have cousins and friends living in Israel and I fear for their safety. I also fear for Israel itself. More than anything, I want it to prosper. But for now--and for a change--I'm going to concern myself with justice, not sentimentality. I may be called a traitor, but I won't be silent anymore. "

The Houston Chronicle posted Jan. 9, 2004, Betrayal behind Israeli attack on U.S. ship, By ADM. THOMAS MOORER. The attack by Israeli war planes against the USS Liberty during the Egyptian war killed 34 Americans and wounded 171. Moorer was chairman of the joint chiefs of staff from 1970 to 1974.

From the Seattle PI, "Sharon sketches awful alternative" by Jim Hoagland, syndicated columnist, 8/13/03.

Truth: Exposing Israeli Apartheid with filmaker/writer Wendy Campbell. The academic ban - Nazi connection by YAAKOV LAPPIN JERUSALEM POST CORRESPONDENT on May 1, 2005: LONDON- "The Web site of Sue Blackwell, the Birmingham lecturer who presented motions calling for boycotts of Israeli universities, contains a recommended link to a Web site owned by an anti-Semitic neo-Nazi activist. Wendy Campbell, who owns the MarWen Media Web site, has promoted Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories discussing "unrivaled Jewish power," and maintains an additional Web site entitled "Exposing Israeli Apartheid," which is also linked by Blackwell. "

The Official Jewish Defense League (JDL) Website. The JDL posts lists of Congressional Haters of Israel.

Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 14:04:41 -0700 From: Jeff Blankfort > "Since the newspaper did not publish the name of the four members of Congress who voted against the Israel lobby dictated Syrian Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Act which passed 398-4, I made some inquiries and found the names of those few legislatures with courage and principle. They are Ron Paul, Republican from Texas, Neil Abercrombie, Democrat from Hawaii Nick Rahall, Democrat from West Virginia Jeff Flake, Republican from Arizona."

Anti-Israel Government Alerts quotes (and responds to) members of the U.S. Congress who have voted or spoken out against Israeli policies.

Zionist principles

Israeli Spying in America File at Americans Against World Empire.

MSNBC- Hamas leader killed in Israeli airstrike, March 22, 2004.

A Lincoln Look at Pollard, February 9, 1995 - Bruce Brill - Washington Jewish Week

British Broadsheet Links Mossad to 9/11 by Meil Mackay at "BRITISH LINK MOSSAD TO 911 There was ruin and terror in Manhattan, but, over the Hudson River in New Jersey, a handful of men were dancing. As the World Trade Centre burned and crumpled, the five men celebrated and filmed the worst atrocity ever committed on American soil as it played out before their eyes. Who do you think they were? Palestinians? Saudis? Iraqis, even? Al-Qaeda, surely? Wrong on all counts. They were Israelis ? and at least two of them were Israeli intelligence agents, working for Mossad, the equivalent of MI6 or the CIA...Their discovery and arrest that morning is a matter of indisputable fact. To those who have investigated just what the Israelis were up to that day, the case raises one dreadful possibility: that Israeli intelligence had been shadowing the al-Qaeda hijackers as they moved from the Middle East through Europe and into America where they trained as pilots and prepared to suicide-bomb the symbolic heart of the United States. And the motive? To bind America in blood and mutual suffering to the Israeli cause."

High-Stakes Drama in Israel Pits Top Cop Against Attorney General, THE SITUATION, by CHEMI SHALEV, November 3, 2003, posted by Forward.

The Situation, In Rabin's Memory, posted by Ariga, October 31, 2003. This article explains the bribery charges potentially coming against Ariel Sharon and his sons.

Sharon hit by corruption claim, January 13, 2004, in au.yahoonews.

Zionist policing

Moving Targets, by Seymour Hersh, New Yorker Magazine 12-15-03. Israeli commandos train U.S. soldiers to win unconventional wars: "The only way we can win is to go unconventional. We're going to have to play their game. Guerrilla versus guerrilla. Terrorism versus terrorism. We've got to scare the Iraqis into submission."

Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA).

Speech by Douglas J. Feith, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, To the American Jewish Committee Washington, D.C., May 8, 2002.

Close Quarters Battle Inc


Jeruselem Post lists Casualties of War, three years of attacks leaves 700 victims.

The failure of moral leadership: Blaming the victim in Palestine Turkish Daily News.

The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism, "The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) was established in 1996 at the academic Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya (IDC) in Israel.... The Institute sets its sights on the big picture: to win the war against terrorism and not merely the individual battles. Although ICT provides situational recommendations to the private sector, this is a peripheral activity. The Institute aims to affect policy at the highest levels, in joint cooperation with the world community."

Jewish opposition to Zionism

Solomons By Jerry Goldin: "This report will shock and upset some; it is one I have put off for over 4 years. After struggling with it I have decided now is the time to write it. Knowing it could be misunderstood as anti-Semitic. God forbid that I a Jew should ever say or do anything that would be remotely considered as such, but I must admit this report does not come easy for me. The fact still remains that an evil force has been put into place in Jerusalem and has spread throughout Israel, in preparations for the end time and the seat of the anti-Christ. For if we are to believe that the anti-Christ is to have his seat on the Temple Mount, then we must come to grips with some truths not being preached today. One such truth is the foundation for such a move of the Devil must be underway even as we speak if this is to happen. Or we simply are not in the end days. This report will prove that such a move is underway and has been for quiet some time. It will be accepted by some and rejected by others, but that is the way it goes." -- The Golden Report

Jews Against Zionism.

Jews Not Zionists.

Neturei Karta, International Jews United against Zionism.

Divided Against Zion (isbn: 071465051X) from the Database of Jewish Educational Materials.

Anti-Zionist Jews Photo Gallery

Benjamin Freedman Speaks On Zionism

Jewish Traitor Alerts

Christian Support for Zionism

The Evangelical-Jewish Alliance by Donald Wagner. "Donald E. Wagner teaches at North Park University in Chicago. He is the author of Anxious for Armageddon (1995) and Dying in the Land of Promise: Palestine and Palestinian Christianity from Pentecost to 2000 (revised edition, 2003). This article appeared in The Christian Century, June 28, 2003, pp. 20-24 Copyright by The Christian Century Foundation; used by permission. Current articles and subscription information can be found at This material was prepared for Religion Online by Ted and Winnie Brock."

"What the New Testament Says About The Jew by David Reagan.

Christian Coalition Says Israel's Security and Terrorism Should be the Issue at the World Court, 2/27/04 4:09:00 PM, posted by US NewsWire.

Israeli Cabinet Member Benny Elon Available for Interviews in U.S. on Gaza Plan; Elon to Present Award to Pat Robertson at NRB Feb. 10 posted 2/10/04 by US NewsWire. Evangelist Christian mimister Pat Robertson honors Israeli Minister of /Tourism. Elon explains: "There is no occupied "West Bank" or "Gaza" -- It is all Jewish and belongs to us and it is forbidden to give up one inch to Palestinian Arab terrorists," stated Elon. "Our Christian evangelical friends understand quite clearly what we are fighting against, and we will not remove settlements or make concessions as our stay in Judea and Samaria (The West Bank) is not temporary, and we will not permit the creation of a terrorist state in our biblical heartland. I am also pleased to honor Dr. Robertson's continued great work, which emanates from an understanding of the land of the Bible, and a commitment to a strong State of Israel."

Christian Zionism

Zionist meeting brands 'road map' as heresy, By Julia Duin, Published May 19, 2003 in The Washington Times. "A Washington conference of Christian and Jewish Zionists yesterday heard attacks on the U.S. "road map" for peace in the Middle East as a breach of a 4,000-year-old covenant between God and Israel. "The land of Israel was originally owned by God," said Gary Bauer, president of American Values and a Republican presidential contender in 2000. "Since He was the owner, only He could give it away. And He gave it to the Jewish people." Terrorists, he said, "don't understand why Israel and the United States are joined at the heart." "

Anti-Zionist researchers who openly address the entire issue

"Baron Edmond de Rothschild" 1982/5742 by Jackie Patru at

Monstrous Massacre in Fallujah - Is Miami Next? Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt must be tried for heinous war crimes by Joe Vialls, 14 April 2004. This Australian writer gives a chilling perspective on the Zionist's war against Iraq and his predictions about the Zionist war against the U.S. He also has a very different version of Iraqis than we are accustomed to hearing. Mr. Vialls' Fortress Americas makes a strong case for homeland defense, and he seems to exonorate the British.

The Jewish Tribal Review ia "a compilation of links to online articles (mainly from mainstream media sources) about Jewish and Zionist influence in popular culture...." The JTR site is filled with history, their book has over 4000 references that tell a slightly different story about Zionism than the one most Americans have been told.

Australian Peter Myers is Neither Aryan Nor Jew, and his site is designed for the more educated student interested in penetrating and studying religious, political, and historical roots. His introduction explains: "This site is for serious researchers of the "higher tribalism" (Aryanism, Zionism, Nihonism etc), Globalization and World Government. I cannot support those who deny the common humanity of the different peoples, or who oppose intermarriage between them. Freedom for the Rich is Slavery for the Poor. World Government affects everyone - everyone therefore needs to know about it." The ACL learned a lot from Myer's research, especially about how little we know of how the world's rich religious history ties to economic history. His elist provides us with numerous articles about the Asian and global markets. We've reprinted many of his articles, and we often use links posted by members on his e-list. Here's a link to his offline site:

Some possible "hate" literature:

Blame Bush, not the Jews, for Iraq by Illana Mercer at World Net Daily on April 23, 2004. Mercer can't seem to write anything anymore without using derisive terms for researchers who oppose Zionism. In this review of Bob Woodward's "expose," she closes with: "Plan of Attack" proves Iraq was Bush's attack and Bush's plan. After Woodward, only the tinfoil-hat crowd can blame the Jews for it." No wonder Mercer never continued her research on communitarianism. She is one. Be interesting to hear what Israeli author Barry Chamish thinks of Mercer's reporting, and the WND too. Whose "Return to Reason" is Mercer claiming to represent? Nietzsche's?

Mossad & 9-11 UPI, September 26, 2001, posted by "RAWALPINDI, Pakistan -- The retired Pakistani general who is closest to the Taliban and Osama bin Laden contends the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington were the work of renegade U.S. Air Force elements working with the Israelis. Gen. Hameed Gul led Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence during the war against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Gul serves as an adviser to Pakistan's extremist religious political parties, which oppose their government's decision to support the United States in any action against Afghanistan's Taliban regime. Gul contends bin Laden had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, saying instead that they were the work of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service -- a version of events that has been endorsed by Islamic fundamentalist clerics and is widely accepted by Muslims throughout the Arab world."

Jewish Watchdog Alerts.

Israel admits to abandoning plot to kill Saddam after 5 commandos died training for mission", Associated Press report in the Billings Gazette, December 17, 2003. "Israeli security officials were furious about the revelation. "There are things that are best left unsaid for security reasons, and should not be told to the whole world in an irresponsible fashion," military chief Lt. Gen. Moshe Yaalon said. "

Israeli weapons of mass destruction revealed by MSNBC news .

Israel embraces Italian neo-fascist By Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank, Monday 24 November 2003

Hush, hush about Israel's bomb" by Jonathan Cook for Al-Ahram Weekly Online, Cario, Eqypt paper established in 1875.

Palestine Chronicle review: "Staff Sergeant Liaran Ron Furer has written a book on his experience as an Israeli soldier manning roadblocks throughout the Gaza Strip. The book, titled “Checkpoints-Twilight Zone” contains personal testimonies and often-brash accounts of the daily harassment and humiliation inflicted by young Israeli soldiers on Palestinian civilians." Freeman Boris Shusteff paints an opposite picture accusing Arafat and the PLO of murdering, raping and torturing Lebanese civilians.

Israeli Raid in Syria Alarms Arab World, By JAYSON KEYSER, Associated Press Writer, Published October 6, 2003, 12:22 AM CDT

Israel gets new F-16I fighter/bomber By ARIEH O'SULLIVAN, November 14, 2003. "The aircraft have been supplemented to Israel's specifications and are different from any other F-16, even in the service of the US Air Force. They are being paid for from the annual US military grants given to Israel, which this year stands at about $2.2 billion."

English News Selected by Kimura Aiji, links to Ariel Sharon's quip about "Who Controls America" reported by many as a broadcast on KolYisrael on 03/01/01.

More controversial links of interest

Gamla, News & Views, Politics and Military Analysis from Jerusalem. Created by former Israeli military officers, Gamla sells stickers that say "Don't Give Them [the Palestinians] A State!" Openly militant, this site features articles by renowned workers for international peace like the American pro-militant Zionist writer Daniel Pipes.

Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening on the Jewish Question, By David Duke. Like most Americans, for the ACL the very name David Duke conjured up horrible visions of KKK rallies and white supremisism. We investigated his book only after we learned it was brought before the Russian court and all its references were determined to be valid. This book was a rude awakening for us, since Duke's well-known attitude for protecting the white race is the harshest part of studying Zionist influence on American domestic and foreign policy. Regardless of Duke's reputation, we appreciate his contribution to opening up the debate.

For the real controversial arena, here's a taste of Revisionist History of Zionism.

HOW SHARON HIJACKED AMERICA'S WAR ON TERRORISM on, 24 April 2002 | Dr Naseer Alomari | Jordan Times.

Overcoming the Zionist Party Line on the Attack on the UN and the Bus Bombing in Jerusalem, August 20, 2003 by Michael A. Hoffman

Former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Representative James Moran were both House cosponsors for the communitarian No Child Left Behind Act

Iran - The Next Israeli Domino, By Terrell E. Arnold, 9-3-3 posted at

The American Jewish Congress

Jewish Tycoons "Ruining" Russia, Communist Party Chief Joins Attack On Zionism By David Hoffman Washington Post Foreign Service, Friday, December 25, 1998; Page A42.(posted on Radio Islam)

DO NOT TAKE THIS LINK!!! It generates a popup that says, "Free Israel from Palestinian Terror" that freezes your screen and you will have to reboot: The Hidden History of Zionism, posted at Palestine Indymedia.( 2002/11/90731_comment.php - 101k ) You can visit Jerusalem and take their link to The Hidden History of Zionism without the bug.

Palestine Facts

"Media Watch: Open minds, empty minds and the Holocaust", by David Cohen, New Zealand's National Business Review.

Zionism Versus The Palestinians from The

See the video shocking the nation: "Zionist War Crimes: The Case for the Prosecution." Read about it: Online video, 56K modem: Zionist War Crimes Video: Jewish Atrocities Are Exposed for the World to See, by Mark Franklin Contact:

Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 12:31:19 EDT From:
RePortersNoteBook memo: Re: Dier Yasin
Did you know that the massacre of Dier Yasin of April 9, 1948, is notated in the Encyclopedia Americana 1961, but is missing in the current publication?

Is this a dialectical chart?
Muslim, Jewish, and Christian End-Times Prophecy Comparison
by Jennifer Rast at Contender

end of ACL research

The following opinion pieces all came from Peter Myer's e-list.

April 12, 2003

When Congressman James Moran (D-VA) told an audience that the leaders of American Jewish groups were pushing America into a war with Iraq, he was denounced as an "anti-Semite" and pressured to resign.

When Syndicated columnist and former Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan accused Jewish neo-conservatives and the US-Israeli lobby of pushing America into a war against Israel's enemies, he was also widely denounced as an "anti-Semite."

But what are we to make of the many outspoken Jewish writers, Jewish intellectuals and Jewish activists who have been warning us about the exact same thing? Should we dismiss these jews as "anti-Semites" or "self-hating Jews"?

Following are some very revealing quotes from just a few of these Jewish writers and journalists. __

Joe Klein, Time Magazine,, February 5, 2003

"A stronger Israel is very much embedded in the rationale for war with Iraq. It is a part of the argument that dare not speak its name, a fantasy quietly cherished by the neo-conservative faction in the Bush Administration and by many leaders of the American Jewish community.

The fantasy involves a domino theory. The destruction of Saddam's Iraq will not only remove an enemy of long-standing but will also change the basic power equation in the region. It will send a message to Syria and Iran about the perils of support for Islamic terrorists. It will send a message to the Palestinians too: Democratize and make peace on Israeli terms, or forget about a state of your own." __

Michael Kinsley, Slate Magazine, October 24, 2002

Tariq Aziz has a theory. Saddam Hussein's deputy told the New York Times this week, "The reason for this warmongering policy toward Iraq is oil and Israel." Although no one wishes to agree with Tariq Aziz, he has put succinctly what many people in Washington apparently believe.

The lack of public discussion about the role of Israel in the thinking of "President Bush" is easier to understand, but weird nevertheless. It is the proverbial elephant in the room: Everybody sees it, no one mentions it. The reason is obvious and admirable: Neither supporters nor opponents of a war against Iraq wish to evoke the classic anti-Semiticimage of the king's Jewish advisers whispering poison into his ear and betraying the country to foreign interests. __

Ari Shavit, April 5, 2003 Haaretz News Service (Israel)

"The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history.

In the course of the past year, a new belief has emerged in the town(Washington): the belief in war against Iraq. That ardent faith wasdisseminated by a small group of 25 or 30 neoconservatives, almost allof them Jewish, almost all of them intellectuals (a partial list: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, William Kristol, Eliot Abrams, Charles Krauthammer), people who are mutual friends and cultivate one another and are convinced that political ideas are a major driving force of history." __

James Rosen, April 6, 2003 The Sacramento Bee (California)

"In 1996, as Likud Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepared to take office, eight Jewish neoconservative leaders sent him a six-page memo outlining an aggressive vision of government. At the top of their list was overthrowing Saddam and replacing him with a monarch under the control of Jordan.

The neoconservatives sketched out a kind of domino theory in which the governments of Syria and other Arab countries might later fall or be replaced in the wake of Saddam's ouster. They urged Netanyahu to spurn the Oslo peace accords and to stop making concessions to the Palestinians.

Lead writer of the memo was Perle. Other signatories were Feith, now undersecretary of defense, and Wurmser, a senior adviser to John Bolton,undersecretary of state.

Fred Donner, a professor of Near Eastern history at the University of Chicago, said he was struck by the similarities between the ideas in the memo and ideas now at the forefront of Bush's foreign policy." __

Thomas Friedman, April 4 2003 New York Time Columnist

I could give you the names of 25 people (all of whom are at this moment within a five-block radius of this office) who, if you had exiled them to a desert island a year and a half ago, the Iraq war would not have happened.

It is not only the neo-conservatives who led us to the outskirts of Baghdad. What led us to the outskirts of Baghdad is a very American combination of anxiety and hubris."

Dr. Henry Makow, Ph.D, February 10, 2003

If the U.S. gets bogged down with heavy casualties on both sides,Americans are going to blame big oil and Zionism for getting them intothis mess.

Everybody knows that:

# The only country that fears Iraq's WMD's is Israel; # American-Jewishneo-conservatives on the Defence Policy Board (Richard Perle, PaulWolfowitz) planned this war in 1998 and made it Bush Administration policy; # The purpose of the war is to change the balance of power inthe Middle East so Israel can settle the Palestinian issue on its ownterms; and # Congress trembles in fear before the Israeli Lobby,"AIPAC."

At this perilous juncture in US history, there is no effectiveopposition because Zionist Jews appear to control both parties. TheJewish "Anti Defamation League" considers it a barometer of antiSemitism to say, "Jews have too much power." But is something anti-Semitic if it is true? Anti Semitism is racial prejudice. Zionist poweris not a racial prejudice; it is a fact of life. When a special interest group hijacks American foreign policy, it is a patriotic duty to say so.

In recent decades, Zionists have succeeded in making support for Zionism synonymous with "Jewish." They have made Israel appear to be a vulnerable country facing annihilation in a sea of bloodthirsty Arabs. In fact, Israel has 200-400 nuclear bombs and is one of the mostpowerful nations on earth. It has evaded many opportunities for a justpeace because it's secret agenda is to dominate the region. Israel keepsthis quiet because most Jews, including Israelis, did not sign on for that. __

Israel Shamir, Israeli writer

"The old adage has it that, when visiting a foreign country, to ascertain who really runs things, one need determine only who is spoken about in whispers, if at all." Judged by this measure, the Jews rule supreme. Indeed, when I referred to 'Jewish media lords' during a UNESCO conference in the summer of 2001, the audience's hearts missed a beat.The yet-unfought War on Iraq changed this. The American Ultimatum date was set on 17 March, the Jewish feast of Purim. Purim, 1991 saw destruction of Iraqi armies and death of 200,000 Iraqis. Too many coincidences for a purely American war." "The powerful pro-Israel lobby in the United States, which advances Israeli interests by pushing for U.S. aid and protection to Israel, and, currently, by pressing for a war against Iraq, which again will serve Israeli interests. This lobby has not only helped control media debate and made congress into `Israeli occupied territory', it has seen to it that numerous officials with 'dual loyalties' occupy strategic decision-making positions in the Bush administrationx" __

Jack Bernstein, Author, The Life of An American Jew in Racist Israel
(following prediction was made in 1984!)

"The Zionists who rule Israel and the Zionists in America have been trying to trick the U.S. into a Mideast war on the side of Israel. They almost succeeded when U.S. Marines were sent to Lebanon in 1982. The blood of the 250 American Marines who died in Lebanon is dripping from the hands of the Israeli and American Zionists. If more Americans are not made aware of the truth about Zionist Israel, you can be sure that, sooner or later, those atheists who claim to be God's Chosen People will trick the U.S. into a Mideast war against the Arabs who in the past have always been America's best friends. ---- ...

Key organizations and players in US-Zionist relations

The following list was compiled by Joe Hagen from the National Observer. His sources: (Donald Neff, Fallen Pillars, p. 99.8.); "The Generals and the Jews," Newsweek (November 25, 1974), p. 39+.9.) Andrew Hurley, One Nation Under Israel; Australian Jewish News, (February 15, 2002, p. 17. 12.) Paul Findley, They Dare to Speak Out, p.95.

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ROGER HERTOG (17), vice chairman of Alliance Capital Management, described by Mark Gerson (24) as the "one man who has, far more than anyone else, financially enabled this movement to exist." Aboard member at the Manhattan Institute (21) and the American EnterpriseInstitute (38), Mr. Hertog is a primary financial backer behind the Shalem Center, a think tank known as the A.E.I. of Israel, as well as co-funder of The New York Sun (8) and The New Republic. BRUCE KOVNER(18), chairman of the Caxton Corporation. Mr. Kovner, noted Wall Street figure, board member at the Manhattan Institute (21) and chairman of the American Enterprise Institute (38), the think tank that serves as the human-resources department for the Bush administration (40). Also invested in The New York Sun (8) and The New Republic. CONRAD BLACK(19). Chairman and C.E.O. of Hollinger International Inc. Formerly a Canadian newspaper magnate, now a British subject, he also invested in The New York Sun (8). Richard Perle, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (38), is on Hollinger’s board of directors. JOHN M.OLIN FOUNDATION (20). The philanthropic organization, headed by James Piereson, has funded the American Enterprise Institute (38), along with neocon players Max Boot (25) and the Manhattan Institute (21).

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You may reach Joe Hagan via email

How to Reduce Anti Semitism,
By Henry Makow Ph.D.,, August 17, 2003,

In Prophets Without Honour (1979), author Frederic Grunfeld describes "a typically nasty" anti Semitic incident Sigmund Freud encountered around 1885 on a train from Dresden to Leipsig.

The future Father of Psychiatry opened the window in his compartment and "became embroiled in an argument with fellow passengers who wanted it closed."

Here is Freud's account in a letter to his fiancée, Martha Bernays.

"While the discussion ensued and the man said he was prepared to open a ventilation slip instead of the window, there came a shout from the background: "He's a dirty Jew!" ---and with this the whole situation took on a different color. My first opponent also turned anti-Semitic and declared: "We Christians consider other people; you'd better think less of your precious self," etc. and muttering abuses befitting his education, my second opponent announced that he was going to climb over the seats to show me, etc. I was quite prepared to kill him but he did not step up..."... (p.19)

The author Grunfeld, presumably also Jewish, doesn't see that Freud might have been in the wrong. He writes: "It was a ridiculous and puerile state of affairs that could compel young be prepared to defend their honor with their fists."

Grunfeld's comment reflects the tendency of some Jews to attribute all criticism to a deep-seated irrational hatred. It implies Jews can do no wrong, a serious sign of collective immaturity. It also dehumanizes other people.

To say "We Christians consider other people...think less of your precious self" is not anti Semitic. Agree or disagree, it is a legitimate criticism and grievance. It's true the second opponent's anti Semitic outburst colored the situation and probably affected Freud's reaction. But objectively, Freud was in the wrong. He should have considered the wishes of the other passengers before opening the window. When they protested, he should have acceded to their wishes.

Imagine the rest of that trip! Imagine the ill feeling.

Now imagine if Freud had changed course immediately: accepted the validity of the complaint, apologized and rectified the situation. Instead of making enemies, I suspect he would have made friends.


We have a similar situation today. Jewish organizations like the Bnai Brith want to control the window and define reality. The "window" is the mass media: the circulation of information and opinion.

You are probably familiar with these examples:

The Bnai Brith and the Canadian Jewish Congress are campaigning to prevent Al-Jazeerah from being broadcast in Canada. The Anti Defamation League is vilifying Mel Gibson for his depiction of the Crucifixion of Christ in "The Passion."

The Bnai Brith "League of Human Rights" is joining with local universities to deliver "anti hatred" courses to workplaces. Of course, it defines hatred as anything opposed to official Israeli or Jewish policy. It keeps an annual register of anti Semitic incidents but not incidents directed against other groups.

The Canadian Jewish Congress demanded that the government "banish" Raymond Baklini, the Lebanese ambassador for suggesting Jews have a prominent role in the Canadian media. "If Ambassador Baklini cannot refrain from making prejudiced allegations, he is unwelcome to represent his country in Canada," said Moshe Ronen, chairman of the CJC.

These groups are acting like Freud did. Grievances are always based on prejudice. These groups are creating anti Semitism, which in a funny way makes sense since anti Semitism is their bread and butter. One observer has remarked that anti Semitism is a "protection racket" aimed at keeping Jews obedient to their leadership.


Thankfully other Jewish writers are speaking out against this self-destructive behaviour.

One is Rick Salutin, who pointed out in the Toronto Globe and Mail that Jews actually do have a prominent role in the Canadian media.

"It's true some Jewish people, who were once scarce there, are now prominent in Canada's media such as the Aspers, the head of the CBC or this paper's editor. But they aren't there because a shadowy group decided to install them and then use them to shape the news."

"Still being human they share some things in common. Many of us grew up buying little leaf stamps to plant trees in Israel, or had family who perished in the Holocaust, or get aggravated phone calls from relatives."

"We can try and succeed in being fair but it's also prudent to continue to broaden the range of voices that reach the public. That's another reason to usher Al-Jazeerah onto the media spectrum." (Globe and Mail, July 18, A-13)

To its credit, even the Asper's National Post is occasionally willing to be objective. On August 14, it published a defence of Mel Gibson by Ezra Levant, a practising Jew, entitled "Don't criticize Mad Mel."

"The Book of Mathew reports an incontrovertible fact: a Jewish court condemned Jesus for blasphemy." Levant writes. "Of course they would have done so, he was leading a new religion. The lesson that most Christians take from the story, and certainly traditional Catholics like the Gibsons, is that Jesus did not die because of the Jews, but because of the sins of all mankind. He had to suffer to redeem everyone else from their sins....

Mel Gibson's attackers are not just labelling a movie as anti Semitic. They are calling the Bible anti Semitic... Their hysterical attacks reveal much more about their own tolerance than they do about Mr. Gibson's." (A-14)


As in Freud's case, anti Semitism often is due to legitimate grievances and conflicts of interest. "Jews have been as capable as any other group of provoking hostility," Professor Albert Lindemann writes in Esau's Tears: Modern Anti Semitism and the Rise of the Jews (xvii). "Almost never" he continues, is the study of anti Semitism seen as a "means by which Jews could become aware of their own sins." (15)

Jews have a self-image as a poor hapless minority hounded from country to country by hate-crazed mobs. In fact throughout history Jews have played a prominent role in commerce and often aroused hostility as money lenders, tax collectors and agents for the aristocracy. Jews also dominated the professions and cultural life out-of-proportion to their numbers. "German cultural life seems to be passing increasingly into Jewish hands," critic Moritz Goldstein noted in a magazine article that stirred major controversy in 1911. (Grunfeld, 21)

When the Russian Tsar tried to restrict Jewish influence, the Jews saw it strictly in terms of anti Semitism and organized the Bolshevik Revolution. To this day, Jews blame the church for fostering anti Semitism. 'Christianity is dishonoured not only by anti Semitism but by Christian indifference to this age-old plague," one rabbi wrote recently. Certainly most victims of anti Semitism, including my parents and grandparents, were innocent.

But Jews are unaware that many Christians blame Jewish organizations for subverting the Church and undermining the positive influence of Christianity. They point to the Jewish domination of the Communist Party and its infiltration of the Catholic Church. They point to the Jewish role in promoting decadence and social disintegration through feminism, sexual liberation, Hollywood and the mass media.

In general, Jews are prominent in the ranks of the New World Order (a.k.a. globalism), which is dedicated to totalitarian rule of the super rich. Some people think Zionist central bankers are behind the whole thing. The two world wars, 9-11 and the war on terror appear to be stratagems (hoaxes) to advance this Master Plan. Iraq is another.


Most Jews think Zionism is the belief in a Jewish homeland in Israel. They have been duped. The financial elite created Israel to destabilize the world, colonize Islam and possibly serve as the capital of their world government.

Zionists created the myth that Jews needed a national homeland. They collaborated with the Nazis to make Jews immigrate to Israel. They were responsible for slamming the door on Jewish immigration anywhere but to Israel.

They held great power in Russia, England and the US and could have helped their brethren if they had wanted. The spectacle of refugee ships like the St Louis looking in vain for a refuge was engineered for maximum effect. Zionists admit blowing up Jewish refugee ships like the "Patria" to garner sympathy for the cause.

Jews should change course on Israel. Israelis should tell Palestinians they were tricked into invading their country and now want to compensate them generously and live in peace. They should withdraw to the 1967 boundaries, and let in more Palestinians. With peace, both Israel and Palestine would prosper.


Despite Judaism's claim to be the first monotheist religion, most Jews do not believe in the God they use to justify their claim to Israel. They practise "secular humanism," the belief that man can create a better world based on rational and materialistic assumptions. Unfortunately, this ideology is so nebulous and malleable it disguises the Lucifer-loving New World Order.

Jesus died because he represented the rule of God on earth. Naturally universal ideals such as truth, justice and love represent a direct threat to great financial power. Judaism rejected Jesus' vision of human brotherhood and perfectibility. Thus some Jews (as well as Christian apostates) were ripe to become witting and unwitting tools of worldly power.

The war on Iraq has been identified with American Jewish power. As it goes badly, anti Semitism will grow. Innocent Jews will take the fall for their leaders in the financial elite. Jews can reduce anti Semitism by confronting truth, admitting error, and disassociating from the Jewish establishment.

Henry Makow, is the inventor of the board game Scruples, and the author of A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas at

ACL letter to the FBI on 8/10/05

Regarding the current Franklin- AIPAC probe:

I'm an independent American researcher studying the Communitarian Network. Over the years I've noticed several FBI investigations of Israeli spies operating in high-level government offices. My concern is that I never see Amitai Etzioni's name included on any lists of persons who may have information to share with the FBI related to espionage activities. My research confirms Etzioni's ties to Israel are very strong and his position as a soldier-terrorist in the Israeli War for Independence in 1948 placed him in a very high level military capacity. Etzioni's influence on Presidents Bush and Clinton is on the record, so one could also assume he has a very high level security clearance in the U.S. I would think he'd be a valuable resource.

I founded the Anti-Communitarian League in 2001 after I found evidence that the Communitarian Network advocates for the elimination of the U.S. Bill of Rights. Political communitarianism is a false ideology based in the principles of no-reason established by Georg Hegel in 1812. I've put my whole life on hold to study this ideology, and while it may not make any sense to you why I did it, I want it on the record that I established the ACL because I love my country and that all the work I've done is to protect and defend our laws.

While I adamantly oppose the "new" communitarian programs funded by the NIJ, and I probably know way more about the COMPASS program than I need to know, I have all along been positive that the regular people working at the FBI are as committed to defending the constitution of the U.S. as I am. Obviously my investigative style is non-traditional, but my information is solid. Thank you for all your sincere efforts to maintain our safety and defend the integrity of American institutions.

Niki Raapana
Anti-Communitarian League


copyright © 2001-2004, Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich (The Anti-Communitarian League)