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Niki is currently studying Regional Communitarian Law and Global Communitarian Integration Procedures. She's utilizing law publications available online (mostly European) and recently received DVD materials generously provided by the Jean Monnet School of International Law at New York University. Her primary studies of American History, Politics, Philosophy, Economics, Systems, Programs, Social Theories and various other communitarian publications is ongoing.

The ACL has published one hardcopy book, 2020 and one "thesis." The ACL Manifesto is downloadable from this site. Niki is a contributing writer at

Speaking Engagements
Niki and Nordica have no plans to publically speak about their work at the present time.

Radio Interviews
Niki is a recurring guest at Darren Week's radio show. Past radio interviews of both ACL founders include Amerikan Expose, Sweet Liberty, Freedom21-SantaCruz, Jeff Rense, On the Commons, and several local stations in the USA.

Video Interviews
Niki is a guest in William Lewis's latest documentary where she speaks on communitarian law, One Nation Under Siege.

The ACL Boardgame, War on Words was designed for grandpa Fred as a Christmas gift in Decemeber 2002. The ACL's What is the Hegelian Dialectic? tutorial was originally written as a tool for this game. The ACL Chart, Big Mother's Game Plan: Checkmate was also designed as a tool for the game. This project was put on hold in 2003.

Niki designed the first GerTee at DWL, Wood River, Alaska in 2004. She has spent many months camping in sub-zero temperatures in order to experience first hand the challenges of staying warm inside a tent (Headquarters,). This summer she will have her first opportunity to build a full-size GerTee for a personal home, some rental GerTees, and another big, huge GerTee that will serve as a summer museum in rural Alaska. (She's also building the museum's collection.)

Websites/Design Work
Nordica completely redesigned the ACL website in February 2007 (and it will take months to reformat all the pages and get them back online). This enormously challenging plan is to make to ACL easier to navigate. Niki and Nordica are also working together revising Past website projects include, PrimativWerks, RoundAboutAuto, and Homestead Book Company. Nordica was a art contributor in the creation of Beipmu, a telnet program produced by members of the web union (