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(Note: If you're looking for a more scholarly and other-sided, "unbiased" description, Wikipedia the free encylopedia has a nice overview on communitarians, and we have a lot of direct links to and about them specifically at our What they stand for page. This article is an openly anti-communitarian definition of them.)

ACL founders in 2005 "The Communitarian Movement aims to create a new society within the shell of the old with the philosophy of the new which is not a new philosophy but a very old philosophy, a philosophy so old that it looks like new." The Catholic Worker Movement essays by Peter Maurin.

What in the world is communitarianism?

by Niki Raapana revised 12/17/04

A few Communitarian Players and Programs:

Compassionate Conservatism is communitarianism. The Third Way is communitarianism. International Law has "communitarian pretentions." Community Policing is Communitarian Policing. Bill Clinton was a communitarian president. Agenda 21 uses communitarian language. The President of Colombia is a communitarian president. President Bush is a communitarian president. George Soros is a communitarian. Americorps is a communitarian programme. Citizen Corps is a communitarian draft. Hilary Clinton is (among other various titles) a communitarian. ABCD- Asset Based Community Development is a communitarian mapping programme. Domestic Violence Acts and laws rely on communitarian shaming. Family based crime prevention is communitarian. Creative crime prevention is communitarian. Talmudic Homeland Security is communitarian. Faith-based programmes are communitarian. Domestic disarmament is Communitarian. Character Building is Communitarian. Globalization of Values and Norms is Communitarian. The New World Order is communitarian.

Law Requires Lessons on Constitution, Federal Workers, Students Affected
By Valerie Strauss and Lori Aratani Washington Post Staff Writers Tuesday, July 19, 2005; Page A01

Whether we're taught it or not,
we're all communitarians now.

Communitarianism is the fake political theory that advocates for a New World Order. Communitarians claim their theory represents a "balance" between selfish individualism and holisitic communism. It's the new Machiavellian middle ground.

The Modern Debate between Individualism and Communitarianism by Richard M Clewett, Jr. Professor at Eastern Kentucky University, Department of English.

Where did this lovely, vague, fuzzy, feel good, new, bipartisan, middle ground philosophy originate? Communitarianism is the final phase of Hegelian induced communism. It originated with the founders of a communist world empire. Why should we care what it is? It's the foundation for our new Imperial Community Government. It's the purpose for new laws in every State of our Union. It's immensely powerful. It's the legal philosophy establishing the Rule of Law under "reformed communists".

Most people have never heard of it; almost everyone (outside of the communitarians themselves) thinks we made it up as part of a conspiracy theory. Average people hear the word "communitarian" and immediately assume it means real community. They discuss it as if it's some vague idea of how people live together. It's never mentioned as the basis for invasive new behaviors that create invasive new programs enforced by community "cops" (especially by American defense attorneys).

Every day our elected legislators introduce and pass communitarian initiatives, bills, and acts, yet it's rarely considered as the philosophical grounds for new safety, security, and faith-based programs. They all cross clear constitutional lines between our public servants and the private sector, but nobody seems to know why. Communitarianism blends the sectors, it removes the authentic checks and balances our system depends upon. Communitarian balancing Acts completely remove the balances that make America work. It corrupts and destroys our free system.

Communitarian ideology is the foundation for all new unconstitutional programs and policies, no matter what country you live in. Since we live in America our studies focus on the United States. But communitarian law is global law. If you want to know more about where and how it's been implemented, or what it ultimately stands for, then you came to the right place. Our definition of them (and everything else we write at this site) is for visitors who want to know more than the Third Way party line. We are a non-government funded opposition website. They have their version, we have ours. We can prove ours is true, even on a budget.

Our ACL manifesto The Historical Evolution of Communitarian Thinking proves their entire philosophical foundation is Dialectical Materialism. It stands unchallenged for a year. U.S. Code defines the Communist Party as a conspiracy to overthrow the government of the United States. This makes communitarianism treason. We oppose reviving "dead" communism under the guise of a "new" Third Way communitarian ideology. Communism didn't disappear any more than empires disappeared. Both communism and imperialism (now fully integrated) are fully operational in the established global government at the Hague. Amitai Etzioni, the communitarian guru who insisted years before 9-11 that America needs a "domestic passport," now says we now need to combine the might of the U.S. Armed Forces with the authority of the United Nations. They're making their final moves. The free world is running out of time.12/17/2004 2:13:07 PM

We are not fooled by Fabian propaganda. We've met our burden of proof. It's not a conspiracy. Communitarianism is a scam. We are not alone in our opposition. There are other detractors (besides us). Here's a few examples:

No American Left Alone by Charlotte Iserbyt, 4/12/02. (Charlotte Iserbyt worked for the Reagan administration in 1984. She's one of the few people who acknowledges and encourages our ACL work. Her work on the communitarian's influence on American politics is extensive. Iserbyt's contribution to American teachers and educators sets the standard for NWO researchers everywhere.)

Glossary of Communitarian Terms by Kjos Ministries. (This wonderful Christian site has many articles about communitarian thinking and programs.)

The Communitarian Constitution by Beau Breslin, John Hopkins University Press

The ABC's of Communitarianism, A devil's dictionary, by Fareed Zakaria, Posted Friday, July 26, 1996, at 12:30 AM PT

Masters of Seduction: Beguiling Americans into Slavery and Self-Destruction by Jeri Lynn Ball.

Time Bomb: The Criminal Conspiracy to Create Chaos, to Sovietize America, and to Unleash the Horrors of 21st Century Totalitarianism by American Patriots Past and Present.

Okay, so what is it, exactly?

Stanford historians tell us it appeared on the scene in the 1970's as part of a higher academic argument among the liberal left. From mainstream news we learn communitarianism is also called The Third Way or civil society.

It is a published plan (not a conspiracy theory) for a reinvented world under a strong, central government agency. It's fully documented and quite real. Every place in America fosters it. We've been living under communitarianism for over a decade.

Communitarianism expands police- state- military power over individuals. This obscure "idea" has a special police force who perform behavior interventions based on evidence gathered and stored in community mapping programs. Communitarian actions against individuals far exceed the parameters for legitimate American government intrusions. Communitarian actions violate most U.S. law.

This philosophy justifies expanding actions against property owners. It's necessary to further the common good. It justifies property abatements against individuals for private, corporate, commerical purposes. This is the philosophy that substantiates the entire radical environmental movement (the group that always advocates for government's "direction of private property"). It's the basis for the Faith-Based Initiative. It explains why the left and the right are so similar in their core values. Communitarians redefined values to mean selfless communitarian "volunteer" obligations to the central collective. They seek to control all natural resources. Human skills are classified as resources. They are the enemy of freedom all over the world.

In the early 1990's, the American based Communitarian Network was established at George Washington University in D.C. by a German-Israeli-American Fabian born with the name Werner Faulk. He is now known to the world as the great political guru called Doctor Amitai Etzioni. Since his latest book, he's been ranked in the top 100 influential men in the world.

Our evidence shows communitarianism is the synthesis in the Hegelian dialectic. The Hegelian dialectic was the illogical foundation for Marx's Dialectical Materialism. The imperfect communitarian solution is the end result of Hegelian conflicts of the past 2 centuries. The Third Way is another one of those things the American public knows nothing about. According to Russian Prima News, the term civil society originated with Jacobin freemasonry in 1789 France. It's a false synthesis (solution) to the conflicts between fabricated, opposing "ideas." It's a bandaid solution for lethal, self-inflicted wounds. It is the verifiable ideological foundation for all new policies, programs and laws implemented under global sustainable development principles, and all anti-terror-crime and safety initiatives.

Throughout the 1990s, many communitarian laws, programs, policies and wars were implemented. Rebuilding Iraq is a carpetbagger's dreamland. At home, new domestic laws generate hundreds of thousands of softer actions against Americans, from Florida to Alaska. The communitarian theory justifies all the new prevention laws used to eliminate independent nations.

Communitarianism is the basis for all new fascist laws. It's directly connected to the global philosophy that's been advocating for a a New World Order since 1848. Prior to its announcement in the 1970's, communitarian programs were quietly sustained under both reigning political parties.

Bush and Kerry endorse communitarian laws and programs in the United States. (Their ancestors cross nine generations back. Does it make them blood cousins?) They're not unique. Almost all prominent U.S. advisers, leaders, candidates and representatives hail Dr. Etzioni and embrace his communitarian values. The U.S. Mayors embraced it all, "with love." It simply didn't matter who won in the U.S. 2004 elections. Election recounts are headline news. The growing Hegelian conflict between "red and blue" America is gaining momentum. (I got an email forward yesterday from a Kerry supporter at Ground Zero in NYC. She blames Bush for the police state and the fear she lives under. She promised to hold all Bush voters responsible for the next terrorist attack. This could be the Hegelian straw that breaks our back. Are we really falling for the division between red and blue or is it all media hype? )

Communitarian programs and laws also remove any leftover possibility for our raising a future generation of strong, independent, U.S. citizens who are given the will, the individual strength, and the economic means to resist the NWO.

We will all eventually follow Dr. Etzioni's advice to rebuild the U.S. into globally controlled U.N. communities. The way the dialectic is progressing, it appears the NWO will succeed. While some Americans recognize and identify portions of the communitarian agenda, we rarely fight local-global battles on the same playing fields as the communitarians. Americans resist based on a limited education in Hegelian philosophy and the conflict theory. Consequently, there exists no cohesive U.S. resistance to the communitarians.

All U.N. laws and programmes are based in communitarianism. The War on Terror and all the other Hegelian Wars (drugs, obesity, etc.) are rooted to the communitarian synthesis. The whole dialectical ideology of natural conflicts leading man to a state of controlled and forced Utopia has never been proven to be a sound theory. Yet it is still used to define the necessity for creating a stonger U.N. government. All conflicts further communitarian globalist expansion, because dialectical conflicts are a primary communitarian tool.

Communitarianism is the legal basis for all newly revised municipal ordinances, community development departments, new land use and zoning departments, community taxes, and especially community-based crime/terror prevention. Etzioni writes many new ideas for building a safer, global community. (As far as our recent travels have shown us, most Americans still have no idea what the communitarians mean by the term "community.")

Communitarianism balances individual rights guaranteed under U.S. Constitutional Law against global Marxist ideology. Communitarians define the new requirements for U.S. citizenship. They re-train selfish Americans in the ideals of service and responsibility to the community. The communitarians are rebuilding a sustainable world. They are behind all the new community visions for the future. Their holistic mission is "to shore up the moral, political and social environment." It's no accident that they show up and serve on every neighborhood council in the world.

Here's their preamble. They want to completely disarm Americans. They never suggest disarming Israelis. We've supplied the Israeli military since 1967, and the USSR's economy since the 1930s. Now we can use former KGB spies to train American cops in Zionist peacekeeping. Global peacekeeping requires an international citizen's database. That's why communitarians collect private data on community members. Our skills and abilities are called hidden human assets. Everyone belongs to a community and has to be identified on their development maps. There can be no strangers, slackers, or secrets in a rebuilt, nicer community. New community citizen watch groups are somehow finding creative ways to fill in maps that identify every American homeowner and renter, block by block.

Un-elected neighborhood groups act as arms for the community oriented police. Across the world, appointed councils are created as the more socially evolved way to conduct the business of government. Communitarians agree, the U.N. must combine with the strength of the U.S. military and taxpayers. Alone, the U.N. cannot entirely enforce certain "actions" against selected, targeted individuals. Individuals hold no Individual Rights what-so-ever to defend themselves against violent communitarian actions. Liberty dies under a completed global communitarian system of law.

From Wyoming to Iraq, international communitarian law is the legal basis for rebuilding the world into one big, happy sustainable community. United Nations' Local Agenda 21 is their blueprint for re-building a communitarian world by 2021. Local collectives are holistically governed by international laws. Lady Shell's International Court at the Hague is centuries old. These laws have been planned for a long time. There's nothing "spontaneous" about communitarian programmes. It's an old imperialist recipie for taking slaves. This is the basis for the New World Order.

The U.S. is the last bastion of individual freedom in the world against Hegelian reasoning. We exist outside contrived conflicts that balance individual rights against the common good. The Third Way synthesis is supposed to be "so perfect it gives rise to no anti-thesis." In their geopolitical vision, the ACL's anti-thesis cannot exist.

"Because of ambitions to change human beings, communitarianism is a form of elitism. Its advocates have the feeling that they have been chosen to advise, to moralize, to know better than the 'normal' people what is right or wrong, what the people should do, what will be good for them. They want us not only to be free, but to be good, just, moral as well. Of course, in their definition of what is good, just and moral." KLAUS, VACLAV, Society and the Crisis of Liberalism, Policy, Summer 1998-99, posted by languageofliberty.com The original article this quote comes from is CERN WEB NOTE #7, Liberty and the Rule of Law by Václav Klaus at the "Leadership for America" Lecture, The Heritage Foundation, April 22, 1999, Philadelphia, posted at the old Carnegie Endowment website. Klaus Václav is the second President of the Czech Republic. This was presented at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace ECONOMIC REFORM?

+ The former GB, USA, USSR, PRC, Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel are now all de facto communitarian sub-nations.
+ Global peace requires the formation of a supra-national global government. It's the only moral solution.
+ All nations must give up "some" sovereignty. International communitarian law recognizes "competences."

Now, how can something so huge, SO LEGAL, and so important be so obscure?


copyright © 2001-2004, Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich (The Anti-Communitarian League)